Out of Body Experiences. That is what me and my friend had been working on among other areas of spiritual endeavors. By the time of this visit, we had both had some success with conscious OOBEs.

The only technique we had found that worked was to program the subconscious before going to sleep "To Become Conscious" while asleep. Note the phase because it is very important. You DO NOT want to wake up during an Out of Body Experience because that ends the experience. You just want to become conscious.

Anyway, as had been my practice for several months, I did my routine programming to become conscious while asleep and then went to sleep. Well, at some point, my consciousness turned on.

The first thing I noticed was that I was stuck partially in my body and could not move. However, the weird thing about an OOBE is that you can SEE everything at once. I realized that Kerry, the spirit that worked the OUIJA board for me was standing at my head. So I mentally asked her to help me out. I next felt the sensation of hands on my shoulders in a lifting motion and I was floating up.

I was still laying on my back but floating about two feet above my body. Apparently, during an OOBE, thoughts are communication because I immediately thought that it would be neat to see what my body looked like. No sooner than I had this thought than Kerry flashed back, "Don't!! It will pull you back in!" However, being the somewhat stubborn sort, I ignored this advice and rolled my astral body over so that I was facing my body. I only saw it for an instant however because it pulled me back in like a vacuum cleaner. Interestingly enough though, I still did not lose consciousness.

So, I again mentally asked Kerry to help me out. This time I got back, "Oh, all right."

Of course, I decided that if I got out this time, I wasn't going to look at my body because I didn't want to get pulled back in again. Having a conscious astral projection is very difficult to trigger and this OOBE had already lasted longer than any up to this point. I wanted to try to actually do something if I could.

Again, I felt lifted up by the shoulders until I was once again floating above my body.

Now, I was mentally taking notes. The first thing I noticed was that I was a lot heavier than I thought I would be. I also noticed that my astral self was breathing and I got lighter with the inhalation.

I was on a roll this night. However, I worked to keep my emotions neutral because I had read that emotionalism got the body agitated and pulled you back in.

So, since my friend and I had worked so hard to achieve Out of Body Experiences, I decided to go visit him while I was astral.

I quickly learned something that night;. things are not always as you expect. My friend was asleep upstairs and I assumed that I would float up through the ceiling into his room.

However, no sooner than I instituted the thought of visiting my friend, I found myself moving at a 45 degree angle through the outside wall!

Although it was night, everything outside was gray; like twilight. It had been like this inside too but I hadn't noticed it as much. I was flying through the air like superman because that was the only thing I could think to do. And, I was moving UP, UP, UP.

I have no idea where UP was. It wasn't in the air as such but it was UP.

I arrived at what looked like a typical school building, sort of like the high school my friend and I had attended. There were the typical double doors leading to a hall. I had to manually open the door to enter as opposed to floating through them. I didn't get too far inside before I felt my consciousness beginning to fade.

Darn, I thought. I'm losing it.

However, my consciousness turned back on as I was exiting the school building. I had the sensation that time had passed and I did indeed meet with my friend although I couldn't remember a thing about it.

This I didn't understand but I was fascinated that my consciousness had turned back on and I was still OUT!

Now I found myself going DOWN. Yes, I was literally descending and soon I saw CLOUDS. When I broke through the cloud cover, I found myself in a little town, not far from where I lived, where my parents lived. I came in for a feet down soft landing.

I found myself standing under a street light facing a main road that passed in front of my parents property. Everything still had that gray, twilight look to it; sort of like a black and white movie. However, I did notice something unusual. Around the power lines that ran along the road, I could see the electromagnetic field. It extended out from them at least a foot in diameter and was a distinctly different color from the surrounding gray. It was tubular like the shape of the wires.

Then I noticed something funny. There were two children, perhaps 10 or so floating around. Actually they were playing. I instinctively knew they were asleep. What they were doing was flying into this electromagnetic field around the power line which repelled them causing them to bounce off. When they bounced off, they laughed like two kids having a great time.

So here I was, literally standing under this street light watching two kids, obviously asleep, playing with the power line.

This Out of Body Experience had really seemed to last a long time. So I decided to go visit my cousin. I found myself taking off again. I did discover that I had to inhale a few times to get lighter first and I started heading in the direction of the town where I was living where my cousin also lived. However, I got up in the air, was heading in the proper direction and, the consciousness began to fade again. Then, it was gone. I assumed that I had not succeeded in my last task.

However, two days later when I returned to town, I saw my cousin who immediately asked what in the world I had been doing two days earlier. They said that they woke up and saw me floating in their bedroom and it scared the pitootee out of them. They told me that they thought I had died and was a ghost trying to communicate with them.

Well, I apologized but was impressed. Not only did I have the longest conscious Out of Body Experience I had ever had to that point, I actually had a witness to back up that it really happened. Even though I don't remember the last part of it, I was going to see my cousin when my consciousness faded.

Afterwards, I drove to to my parents town and physically stood in the exact spot under the street lamp. What I saw, minus the flying kids and halo around the power lines, was exactly what I had seen in my out of body experience.

I don't know why the two goals of actually interacting with people was blocked from the experience.