by Robert M. Stone, M.S.

In Marfa, Texas unusual lights have been observed for as long as there is recorded history of the area. The phenomena is so noted that there is a Marfa Lights Festival in September. No one knows the origin or cause of the lights.

In June of 1997, our study group decided to go observe the Marfa Lights. Marfa, Texas is approximately 1200 miles from our city; a hard two day drive. We took several different cars to make the trip. On the first day, the car I was in apparently had a missing time experience as it took much longer to travel to San Antonio, Texas than it should have. That experience has not been explored as of this writing.

We went out to observe the lights two nights and were not disappointed. The first night was very active. The second night, less active but still lively.

There were several unusual things that we noticed during our observations. One was the occasional, high pitched tuning fork sound. This sound could only be heard in one ear or the other by the observers. Several times, the intensity level was so high as to cause physical pain. There was no known source for this sound and was something unique to all of us.

The next unusual thing was that there were small strobe like flashes out in the observation field but also happened between some of the observers. The tuning fork sound seemed to be associated with these bright white flashes. This was separate from the actual Marfa Lights that looked like yellow flares in the distance.

The final unusual thing was that several of us became able to accurately predict when a light would appear and where. The lights would just turn on, stay on either briefly or for many seconds. Sometimes they would appear to drift slightly but you could only tell that with a fixed point of reference.

The first night of observation, only a few of our study group went. On the second night we all went. That night, it appeared that there was a large dull gray metallic object just above where all the light activity was taking place.

Are the Marfa Lights a natural phenomena? I personally don't think so. It was clear that the environment was impacting on all of the observers. The high pitched tuning fork sounds were objectively heard and the flashes of strobe like white light objectively seen. Also, when videotaped, the Marfa Lights themselves recorded as diamond shaped as the optics stripped away the red orange color.

The Marfa Lights. A very interesting phenomena. We were fortunate that there was such activity during our visit but then, was it a coincidence?


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