A Curious Story About Mrs. Lincoln Reiterated.

From the Boston Herald, Feb. 23, 1872

Reprinted in New York Times, Feb. 24, 1872

A few days ago a paragraph in the Herald, based upon what was known to be good authority, announced that Mrs. Abraham Lincoln had recently visited Boston, and incognito and closely vailed attended a public seance of a well known lady medium on Washington street, on which occasion the spirit of her lamented husband appeared and, by unmistakable manifestations, revealed to all present the identity of Mrs. Lincoln, which she had attempted to keep secret. We have now the best authority for saying that the report was in all respects accurate; that Mrs. Lincoln did visit Boston on the 4h inst.; that she took lodgings at the Parks House, registering her name as Mrs. Linder; that she remained there ten days, during which time she made frequent visits to the medium above mentioned, and that while at the hotel, her identity was discovered by a person who had often seen her in Washington. She desired to have her visit to Boston unknown, but the injunction of secrecy ceased to be binding after the revelation at the public seance. It is further stated by those in a position to know, that the interviews with the medium were of the most satisfactory and conclusive nature, as affording tests of the real presence of the spirit of her husband.