Extra-Terrestrial Hand Held Light Devices - Not Flashlights

If you ever encounter an extra-terrestrial and they point a hand held tube device at you, I would suggest that you immediately take evasive action. You see, it is a sophisticated, powerful multifunction device that, since it can kill, could be considered a weapon although it is rarely used for such purposes.

The device itself is about six inches long, cylindrical with a diameter of approximately 1 ¾ inches in diameter and a black color. Actually, it looks a great deal like a short Mag Light, D-cell flashlight without the head.

The back end is closed and recessed in the front, about ½ inch is a multifaceted crystal. The crystal is clear with a flat face and eight sides. There is no mechanical activation of the device as it appears to be thought controlled.

The device is capable of many things but I will discuss two modes of which it is capable. One mode projects a dull yellow beam. This beam is a neural disruptor that causes disruption of the exterior skeletal muscles of humans, e.g. the arms and legs. Obviously, this renders the human motionless, yet does not interfere with life functions such as breathing.

Another mode projects a medium, electric blue beam. This beam has physical impact; by impact I mean that it has the same effect as hitting someone with a solid object. The greater the intensity, the greater the impact. Although not used for this purpose, excess intensity can cause mortal damage to a human like any hard, striking object.

Extra-terrestrials use colored light in many different capacities and scales; hand held portable devices and much larger craft mounted devices. For example, the blue beam is used on a larger scale projected from a saucer mounted device. Wide spread dispersion of the blue beam can be used in a tractor capacity. This is accomplished by engulfing the human at a low intensity, increasing the intensity which clamps around the individual and retracting the beam drawing the person in with the beam literally gripping them like a solid object.

Extra-terrestrials are very aware of the effects of different colored light and use them accordingly. As more information becomes available on this topic, I will post it.




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