LOVE. The most used concept on your planet today has no definition. The word for it is so misunderstood and over used that it has no meaning. That which relates one creature to another with the well being of the other in mind, has been prostituted into another word for selfishness.

The word is LOVE but the concept man has yet to grasp!

Earthlings preach love, teach love, talk love, fantasize love, and write about love. They lie for it, cheat for it, buy it and kill for it. AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IT IS!

What does a religious person mean when he instructs you to love God. Does he not intend to evoke FEAR within you?

What does it mean when someone "loves his country?" Is it not merely to obligate him to the killing of his own kind whose only crime is living outside a man-made political boundary?

When someone says "I love you!"; how often do you immediately wonder what they want? Especially children who haven't developed greater subtly.

What does it mean when a man tells a woman that he loves her?... "You're a sexy bitch and I'd sure like to get it on with you" ...or what does it mean when a woman answers back... "I love you too." They proceed to have sex and she is thinking, "I gotcha now, meal ticket!"

In your culture when you grow up, it is expected of you to fall in love and marry. What does this really mean?

"I love you" usually means: I desire your body or I want to own you; I want you to be with me all the time and do everything I want you to, when I want you to do it; I want you to make me a living; I want you to take away all my problems and make me happy; I want you to be an instant sex machine, and on and on. This is what most of humanity means when they use the word LOVE.

How utterly nauseating to a true SECOND RAY as I am!

Please allow yourselves to consider what you mean when you use this all important word. When you are lonely (and everyone is at sometime) and you wish for someone to love you; what do you really want?

When you are seized by this inner longing, and you began to search for that someone who can relieve this compelling, gnawing, inner itch, who are you searching for?

The long sleepless nights - when you cry out in anguish over the never ending desire for that special someone who is meant just for you and can satisfy you completely, give you peace and happiness - you have in common with all evolving entities! That search becomes the main driving force in life.

People find a mate thinking this will solve the longing; then they find that the mate is human also, with faults and has their own driving force. The fascination fades; the search is on again. Some people turn to lover after lover; some give up on people and turn to careers or intellectual pursuits resigning themselves to that inner loneliness. They feel that ceasing to hope for it is less painful.

Too bad! All the above is merely symptoms that are normal for evolving humans, but what is unfortunate is that they have no one to teach them what these symptoms indicate nor a methodology by which to enlighten themselves.

Whose love can satisfy you?

Who is it that can stop that aching aloneness, so that it never returns again?

Who is it that can give you peace and contentment that can't be shaken by the principalities of darkness?

Whom do you really love and seek?

The answer is the same as He that you SHOULD love and seek:


I Will now give you a definition of Love--


When I can be YOU, experiencing all of YOU, taking my share of all of your heartaches, pains and sorrows; and when I KNOW that all I have is also yours, that I am YOU and YOU are ME -- then you KNOW and ARE - LOVE. One cannot know LOVE without BECOMING love. LOVE is a sacred, all encompassing, BEAUTIFUL, JOYFUL (yes, I said JOYFUL!!) experience of the Second Aspect of Divinity. Notice that word DIVINITY. To know love is to know the Second Aspect which can be referred to as GOD! To experience love is to experience GOD! Is that not something to rejoice over?

Consider these things.

I want to emphasize that I am not against any of the male-female relationships found in your society; only the misrepresentation of LOVE that they usually involve. You'll notice that I'm big on Love. It fills me with its GOODNESS and I like to spread joy to all. I also like to see the aspect of divinity that I personify understood and appreciated for all its wondrousness!!!

Unfortunately, the misunderstanding leaves many couples very disillusioned by expecting something from outside themselves that is only obtainable from within.

Another point concerning relationships, in the relating of the sexes there is a remnant from the animal kingdom and that is the game of courtship. People should be made aware that it is a game. Watch birds, some of them have intricately beautiful courting games. These are to be enjoyed. There is nothing that can uplift a person more than a cloud nine romance. But please realize what it is. It's the patterns that energy likes to make in order to draw to it the pattern it wants to experience.

Now that you know that romance is no more than excited electrons seeking a higher shell of energy, don't let it break your heart when the protons leave your electrons and they are no longer excited. Just enjoy it while it lasts. There is always a big supply of electrons seeking a quantum leap!


Devotedly Yours