It's Use in Removing Kidney Stones



Although the medical profession acknowledges that the human body is electrochemical in nature, as a group, they turn their noses up at the concepts of LIFE ENERGY. They label people who can see it, interpret life energy and work with it, frauds or quacks. I happen to be one of the "quacks".

When I first learned about LIFE ENERGY 27 years ago, it only concerned the aura. Try as I would, I could not "see" the aura. I continued to find what little there was about life energy and got some sketchy information in the chakras or energy centers. I couldn't "see" those either.

Then one day in 1977, I had an inspiration. I had been working with my subconscious with self-hypnosis for over a year. It occurred to me to ask my subconscious to add to the scene what my physical eyes could not see. The technique was fairly simple. I would look at the room for example, then close my eyes and mentally picture the room. The I would ask my subconscious to add what my eyes could not see. And it DID!

Suddenly, all the things that I had been trying since 1972 to "see" I could "see". I discovered that with practice, I could use the technique with my eyes open. Thus, I could finally see LIFE ENERGY.

I quickly discovered that my mind tended to ignore the aura and focused on the energy centers that actually generates the aura. Over time, I learned to read them and interpret what I saw. Also, having a familiarity with anatomy and physiology, I could focus on specific body structures as well and read their energy patterns.

Over time, I discovered that I could intentionally create a flow of energy that affected the energy fields of others. With experimentation, I learned how to use this to heal. Of course, healing is a subjective thing. Although doctors don't publicize the fact, they know that 90 % of their patients will get better no matter what they do; just so they do something. However, there are two cases I want to mention that do not fit into this subjective category; they both involve kidney stones.

Anyone who has kidney stones know that when they move, the pain is extreme and incapacitating. Usually, the medical treatment is to administer anti-pain medication and monitor the exit of the stone(s). In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary.

In 1988 or 1989, I had a friend who had problems with kidney stones over the years. I got a call one day that they were having kidney pain and I went over to help. In looking at the kidney, I could "see" the fairly large stone. This was the first one I'd ever "seen". Up to this time, I had done energy center readings, cleanings and recharging but not worked on something as concrete as a kidney stone.

I suggested to the friend that it might help. Since the kidney stone looked so large and I'd never done this sort of thing before, I decided that I really needed a large charge of energy. So, I built up the largest charge of pure white energy that I had ever accumulated. I placed my right hand on the abdomen over the kidney and the left on the back. Then I forced the energy down my right arm like a high pressure hose with it exiting through my left hand. I "saw" the kidney stone explode.

I didn't know what this meant at the time. However, within 20 minutes, my friend was in agonizing pain and I had to drive them to the hospital. They were out the next morning with a glass vial about the diameter of a dime. In the vial, about the height of 4 dimes, was a gray, pumice looking grit. It was the remains of a huge kidney stone. What happened was what they call a log jam, all the particles temporarily clogged on the way out. All the doctors did was administer pain medication and strain for the particles. By morning, the large stone was completely eliminated.

My friend said that in all the kidney stone episodes they had over the years, they had never experienced anything like it.

A fluke or coincidence? Well, let me tell you about another friend that started having major kidney stone problems in 1997.

This person started having problems with kidney pain. A trip to the doctor indicated several kidney stones. This friend had a family history of severe kidney stones; her father had lost a kidney to kidney stone damage.

The doctor decided to use the popular treatment for kidney stones that uses an external force to break them up. This is when I learned about the log jam effect; the doctor put a tube into the kidney to prevent the pulverized kidney stone from clogging the passage.

The treatment to pulverize the kidney stones is intense. The patient is put under general anesthetic and monitored carefully. The shock waves are so intense, the medical staff have to wear hearing protection and the entire mobile unit (The equipment is so expensive, they rotate it from hospital to hospital) shakes when the treatment is in progress.

They really turned up the intensity on my friend during the treatment resulting in bruising of the skin. However, the follow-up x-rays showed very little impact on the kidney stones.

Another treatment was scheduled. However this time, a serious problem developed. When the shock waves were started, my friends heart started to malfunction. The treatment had to be stopped almost as soon as it began. Fortunately, my friend's heart stabilized but the treatment had not effect.

And then the big problem. The kidney stones were growing at a rapid rate; so fast that the doctor wanted to monitor the situation ever few weeks. They treatment that was effective for most people didn't work and produced life threatening side effects in my friend. If the kidney stones continued to grow at this excessive rate, my friend would lose the kidney like her father.

This was a serious situation so at this point, I explained to her for the first time what I had done to a kidney stone years before. I told her I was willing to try and she readily agreed.

When I examined the kidney, I could see three distinct kidney stones. Two were very large and the third was about half the size of the other two. How to treat the problem. I had learned my lesson about blasting kidney stones and decided it was better to chip away at them.

Again I charged up with the brilliant white energy. However, this time I moderated the flow making sure that it just chipped away, and then only for a short time. I had the chance to repeat the treatment a couple of times before the next doctor visit.

The last time she had seen the doctor, the kidney stones were getting larger. However, the next visit after the LIFE ENERGY treatments, the kidney stones had not only stopped growing but were smaller. Of course I knew this because I could see them.

The doctor was baffled but assumed it was a delayed reaction from the shock wave treatment. Of course, this is not logical but he needed some explanation and somebody simply placing their hands above and below the kidney would not be accepted.

I continued the treatments over a period of time, each time the kidney stones were getting smaller. The trip to the doctor this year showed no significant kidney stones if any.

The bottom line is that LIFE ENERGY is powerful. It does exist and it does effect PHYSICAL things. Ironic that simply using my hands removed the kidney stones that a multi-thousand dollar medical treatment did not.

I don't believe that everyone has the capacity to be a healer with LIFE ENERGY just like not everyone can be a Mathematician or Physicist. But for those with the talent, it is REAL.