by A Mental Health Professional

[The Author has Requested Anonymity]

One Saturday night around 9 p.m., as I was out walking my dogs for the evening, I noticed a very bright, ultra white light that was traveling at a very high rate of speed up and across the sky just above my line of vision. The light was so intensely bright it caught my attention. At first I thought it was fireworks someone had shot off, however, it was moving too quickly and was too high in the sky to be fireworks. It flared white for about two seconds, then an orange glow appeared underneath the white just before it blinked out into darkness. I had a strange, unnerving sense of fear, as if I was being watched.

The next morning, I awoke feeling groggy, disoriented, and "hung-over" even though I had not had anything to drink the night before. Over the years, I have learned to associate this feeling with a night of UFO activity. Around 2 p.m. that day, while I was out walking my dogs again, I heard first and then saw a large, blackish green helicopter with no markings fly directly above the wooded area that I was walking in. What struck me about the helicopter, which was similar in color, size, and noise level to helicopters that frequent my neighborhood on mornings that I am in this disoriented frame of mind, was how low it was flying; it was at treetop level in a congested residential district. I could see that the doors on both sides of the craft were open and, it was so close, I could even identify the operator as a white male wearing dark blue pants. Since this pattern of a noisy, unmarked helicopter was routine on days I wake up feeling the way I did this Sunday morning, I took note of it but went on with my day.

I am a counselor at a community mental health center in a large metropolitan area. It is routine for the counselors at my office to break the week up into shifts to handle the large volume of incoming crisis calls we receive every day. The counselors sit in one office with three phones during their shift. The office has three large windows that comprise one wall and the interior of the room is clearly visible from the parking lot.

At this time, I only worked the Tuesday afternoon shift. The Tuesday following the weekend incidents of the strange light, grogginess and noisy helicopter, I received a call from a man who at first presented himself as needing assistance for a mental illness. He felt that he was "going crazy". He talked about having bizarre thoughts, sometimes a sign of mental illness. However, the majority of symptoms he presented himself as having were nonsensical; one symptom cluster not related to another, making it difficult to get a handle on what his problem might be. He presented like a person who is trying to look like they have a mental illness but are uneducated about mental illness so they utilize very stereotypical symptomology. At one point the problems he stated he was having were so illogical I thought he might be on drugs. This went on for about five minutes.

Then the conversation took an unusual and abrupt turn. The man shifted his presentation so much that I made a mental note of it. His speech became lucid and obviously goal directed. His thinking appeared to "clear up" instantly.

His first suspicious comments from this new lucid presentation were that he had been discharged from a branch of the military and, at this point, said he could not give an explanation as to why. He indicated that he had a "special knowledge" and that this special knowledge was related to alien activity on earth. He said that this knowledge would one day "have to be made public". He indicated it was on tape "somewhere".

At this point he began a series of questions to me which would, over the course of the conversation, become more and more direct and "loaded". Probably because he wasn't sure how much I would cooperate with the conversation, his initial line of interrogation was vague. He asked me if I believed in alien contact with humans. My response was noncommittal. Then he asked me if I believed that humans could be abducted by aliens. Again, I gave an evasive response. I was definitely suspicious of this supposedly mentally ill person by this time.

Now, perhaps out of frustration, he became very direct. He said that he himself was an alien abductee. He said that he had talked, against orders, on the military base about his experiences and that this was the reason for his discharge. I found it significant that after I refused to be "baited" so to speak by his initial line of questioning, he was now divulging more information; more details of his own alleged experiences.

I feel sure this was an attempt to draw me out and get me to engage in the conversation. I was suspicious but my curiosity got the better of me and I remained on the line with him. In ten years of providing Mental Health services, I had never received a call like this before and I wanted to see where it would lead.

In response to his direct question about if I believed in alien abduction, I replied "Some people do believe in that". This response appeared to both aggravate and encourage him, for he then went on to ask me more questions about controversial topics. For instance, he asked me if I believed that if people knew the truth about alien activity on the Earth, did I not think that this would topple the religious and economic structures of our society?

His questions were now alarming me. Every instinct told me that this was no mentally ill person calling in for assistance. I had been targeted for this call; the fact that the man had verified my name at the beginning of the phone call, his calling directly into the desk where I was randomly sitting that day, his abrupt shift in presentation and increasingly more direct interrogation led me to the conclusion that this man was "pumping" me for information about my beliefs and knowledge about extra-terrestrials.

The line of questions continued in this vein for several more minutes. He showed no indication of ending the phone call. Therefore, due to my rising level of suspicion and alarm at the unusual nature of this call, I indicated that I needed to take other calls and would have to get off the phone.

He replied "OK, I'll be talking to you -----" and said my name as if he really knew me. This is very unusual for mental health calls as the client is too preoccupied with their problems to listen to a name, particularly when it is only repeated once.

Wanting to understand the situation better, about 6 months later, I had a professional colleague conduct a hypnosis session with me. While recalling this series of incidents under hypnosis, I remembered some other startling details that I had previously repressed. First, I remembered that in addition to the bright white/orange light, there was an ominous, blacker than black circular object also in the sky, directly to the right of the white light. It was this dark object that sparked my fear, not the white light. The black object was no bigger than a pin head, so it must have been a good distance away, but it was clear in the night sky, as if in that one tiny area of the sky all the light was sucked up. A black deeper than black.

Next, I remembered what happened after I went to bed that Saturday night. An inter-dimensional golden doorway had opened up on the wall of my second floor bedroom; a golden arched doorway that I have seen only one other time. Through this doorway came a golden "moving sidewalk." On the "sidewalk" were three beings.

Two of the beings, a man and a woman, are people that have been associated with me all of my life. When I was a child, I thought these two people were my "real" parents. Now, years later, they look no different than they did over thirty years ago. Standing behind them was a large male "light being", an extra-terrestrial of such high energy frequency that they have no physical form. Whenever the "light beings" are present, it's serious.

The three of them got me out of bed, and we rode the golden "moving sidewalk" through the inter-dimensional arched doorway onto the waiting flying saucer that was hovering at treetop level outside my second story bedroom. While the details of what happened next did not surface from my subconscious, I do know that there was some type of emergency, unplanned meeting that night with the good aliens and the people on this earth that are aliens incarnated in human form. I feel that the meeting was about adding some kind of extra layer of protection to us since our types have been getting abducted by the grays.

So in summary, I saw a light in the sky on a Saturday night, an extra-terrestrial contact took place later that evening, the next afternoon a noisy black helicopter flew over me at a dangerously low level, and two days later, the only day of the week that I was scheduled to take calls, I receive a strange phone call from a man claiming to need help from mental illness who gives bogus symptoms and then shortly becomes lucid and starts questioning me about extra-terrestrials. I feel it is significant that I received the call at approximately the same time of day that I saw the helicopter fly over me the previous Sunday, and also that this would have been the first opportunity that the man would have been assured of getting me on the telephone at work since the days I do not work the crisis line I am very busy and essentially unavailable by phone.

All a coincidence? I don't believe so. Someone is keeping track of extra-terrestrial visits. They want to make themselves known the next day by flying noisy, black, unmarked, what a colleague identified as Viet Nam era Huey, helicopters. Who's behind it? I don't know. But someone flies the helicopters and they invariably show up the day after a strange night that I have learned to associate with UFO experiences.

The strange telephone call? I'm confident it was not a mentally ill person. I feel that it was an attempt to pump me for information and to imply that "they" knew something about me. When the stranger signed off the call, he said, "I'll be talking to YOU -------!" He was adamant that he meant me personally. So far, I haven't heard back from him but it won't surprise me if I do.