The planetary system around Sol, as well as its Galaxy in general, is vastly different from other parts of the Universe in that the consciousnesses inhabit bodies of flesh. The extra-terrestrial inhabitants of this Galaxy developed their civilizations to a high degree over millions of earth years.

The civilizations had branched off into two types. One type of civilization was highly Spiritually advanced as well as technologically advanced. The other civilization was highly technologically advanced but more materially oriented. Both types of civilizations had billions of inhabitants and a technology the power of which is difficult for an Earth person to comprehend.

The Spiritually/Technologically advanced civilizations were by far the most powerful. The high development of Spirituality allowed them to create great powers because they had the Wisdom necessary to justly use such powers. These entities in their Spirituality were united as one.

The Technologically advanced civilizations were not as powerful as the Spiritually advanced ones because they did not have the Wisdom to handle such power, but they were vastly powerful compared to Earth standards. They had developed inter-Solar System space travel; they traded amongst themselves in the various Solar Systems. However, due to their line of development, they did not interact with the Spiritually advanced civilizations; they could not handle the magnitude of the energy that those beings radiated. It was too much for their level of development.

The Technologically advanced civilizations operated mainly on form and tradition. And the tradition extended back for millennia. In the beginning, they were not war-like because they knew of the destructive results of war. Their greatest pride was their material creations and they had a unilateral agreement amongst themselves that they would not destroy each others creations.

Initially there were no positions of power in these civilizations. As in other parts of the Universe, they coordinated themselves with a council system and everyone was equal. With billions of inhabitants, the council served as the representative group. These councils were composed of the wisest of the wise. And in many instances the children of council members, after much training, assumed their parents position. Please note that the councils were made up of both male and female members because there was no such thing as sexual discrimination and there was no such thing as racial discrimination.

Yes, among these Technologically advanced civilizations, there were different body types and characteristics depending on the conditions of the Solar Systems in which the civilizations existed. There was a variance from Solar System to Solar System, and in many instances from inhabited planet to inhabited planet within a given Solar System. However, each planet's species was homogeneous.

These societies were ordered on material creations or possessions. The inhabitants were considered equal but the material creations were more important. It was the material orientations that opened the door to problems. It started when tradition began to be altered a little at a time over long spans of time.

The first error was the creation of weapons of destruction. Prior to this time such was unnecessary because all the civilizations of the Technological group had long agreed that they did not want to destroy each others' creations. They realized that in each of the Solar Systems resources existed that needed to be shared amongst them all and to effectively distribute the resources required the combined efforts of all the Technological civilizations.

After the creation of weapons of destruction, a new element was interjected into all the civilizations and it had various impacts at various times; Planetary Nationalism was the rationalization that was used. Weapons for defense; what if another planet or another Solar System decided to steal the resources rather than trading for them? It had never happened before but everyone had weapons which created doubt and distrust. This began to grow on many different planets and in many different Solar Systems.

And so the councils of the Technologically advanced civilizations believed it was logical to be cautious; to have weapons for defense. It was authorized that such weapons were to be created and these weapons were indeed powerful. You could look at them in terms of "DOOMSDAY" weapons because they could annihilate entire civilizations and destroy entire planets. Such was the power that these Technologically advanced entities had tapped. But compared to the destruction of planets, the Spiritually / Technologically advanced civilizations had tapped a power that, if misused, could destroy the entire Galaxy. So from an Earth perspective, the Technologically advanced civilizations were potent, but compared to the Spiritually advanced civilizations, they were still a drop in the bucket.

Within two generations the order and form of the materialistic civilizations had turned against them. What you would call a military-industrial complex had been created. The people, with their rigidity of form and lack of Spiritual thought, were pushed into a non-thinking role; taught to obey orders without question. The people became less important than material things. With people less important than materials and lacking spirituality, it was just a matter of time before the aggression started.

There were many excuses; many rationalizations for what triggered the results. If you study recent Earth history, you will find that Adolf Hitler had many of the same reasons for what he did. And so the wars began. Interplanetary and inter-Solar System wars. In some Solar Systems the planets fought amongst themselves. In other Solar Systems, the planets joined together to attack other Solar Systems. Billions of people were destroyed; numerous planets ceased to exist; entire Solar Systems were destroyed. This went on until there were only two major civilizations left; each on opposite sides of the Galaxy. The shear distance and the need to recover their losses initiated the peace that then existed.

After a recovery period of millions of Earth years, the technological civilizations began to consider attacking the Spiritually/Technologically advanced civilizations.

It was impossible for the Techs to approach the star systems of the Spiritually/Technologically advanced civilizations but they saw the opportunity to attack in star systems that were remote. One such system contains the Earth.

The Spiritually/Technologically advanced civilizations were observing and in some instances aiding the development of humanity. The Techs saw this as the perfect opportunity to test their strength against the S/Ts.

This situation started about 15,000 earth years ago. The non-aggressive S/Ts did not bother the Techs when their ships began to approach earth.

To be continued..... There use to be a planet between Mars and Jupiter