a Channeled Lecture by Djwahl Kuhl (D.K.)

Presented November 26, 1996


It is I, D. K. This evening we shall resume information related to the Peace Keepers, some of their functions on this planet and the effects that they have had in a number of different peoples' lives.

As was stated, the Peace Keepers realized that the gray civilizations would eventually figure out the loophole in the planetary charter. The loophole being that any aspect of the planet Earth, any organic matter associated with the planet Earth incorporated into a living being would legitimize that vehicle or body dwelling on the planet.

Thus, the study of genetic lines was instituted and catalogued preparing for the day when those vehicles could serve as host for entities that the Peace Keepers knew could serve as a balancing factor against the gray civilizations influence. In the 1930's when the gray civilizations made their pact with the German leadership, their process of integrating themselves into the earth started.

At this time the Peace Keepers also implemented their plan. This plan consisted of artificially creating host vehicles to be inhabited by special entities. The genetic materials were taken from the host male and females, processed in the Northern laboratory where actual conception took place.

The genetic materials were altered in a number of different ways to provide an enhanced capacity for energy. The enhanced capacity for the life energy is a great distinguishing factor of the alien civilizations versus that of the humans.

The least alien civilizations life energy is significantly greater than that of a human. This gives them an advantage over humans both physically and psychically. This advantage does not necessarily take the form of physical strength, although it can. But it does take the form of strength over the physical and psychological capacities of the typical human.

Realizing that it could be possible for the gray civilizations to eventually succeed in creating a hybrid of themselves, the Peace Keepers started their project of integrating modified human vehicles into the various cultural groups of the planet.

These vehicles took on the genetic characteristics of the host. There were subtle differences; most which were either undetectable or unrecognizable by the state of medical technology. A number of these vehicles had difficulties in the early childhood years, for the spirits that they contained were quite harsh on the vehicles. Not all of them were viable. The ones that survived were the exact balance of the genetics and the spirit.

Due to the need to avoid detection the vehicles were not modified as extensively as was possible. This had its drawbacks. The power of the entities inhabiting the vehicles was quite focused and quite harsh. The vehicles have been subjected to a great deal of strain and have had to receive maintenance throughout the course of their lifetimes. The majority of the vehicles placed in service in this capacity are still viable and functioning.

The Peace Keepers have been an integrated part of these spirits' lives. These individuals have led a dual existence. Their day existence, so to speak, has been unaware of the greater existence. Unaware of the activities and responsibilities that entity truly came into being manifesting on the planet to serve.

This clouding of the consciousness, this lack of memory was necessary for the protection of the physical lives of the modified vehicles. Although the Peace Keepers have endeavored to provide protection, the vast number of vehicles placed in production made the possibility of incidents not being prevented more likely. Thus the cloud of obscurity, the anonymity of these modified vehicles was maintained.

As events have progressed and the gray civilizations have made strides in their hybrid program. As the physical vehicles matured, as progress was made in the over all plan of the Peace Keepers, it became necessary for the day to day conscious of these modified vehicles to be awakened to learn their true origin, to understand themselves and to understand the dual function of their existence.

The condition of being modified has been confusing to the majority of these vehicles. The extended capacity of the consciousnesses has caused questions and confusion and conflicts.

When the time was right a number of years ago an awakening process was set in motion. The majority of these modified vehicles are still asleep, so to speak. Those that have been selectively activated and are actively seeking the knowledge of their heritage will serve as counselors and advisors to those yet to awaken.

The conflict of the modified vehicles versus the powerful entities that inhabit them will ultimately be resolved when they awaken and acknowledge the nature of their being and the responsibility for their role in this existence.

A factor that has contributed to difficulties is the earth phenomenon of Karma. Each of the special entities that inhabit these modified vehicles have had extensive physical lifetimes primarily as volunteers seeking to serve as teachers and leaders of the human population to guide them to a spiritual perspective on the nature of reality.

During the course of these numerous incarnations the mechanisms of Karma have weighed heavily upon these entities. This has led to conflict, controversy and a basic conflict of self. You could say that each entity that inhabits a modified vehicle, due to their nature and the power of the energy that is their heritage, all share the peculiar characteristic of being allergic to themselves.

This allergic reaction is similar to what the human body experiences; depending on the degree of irritation of the allergen determines the extent that the vehicle responds. As you are probably aware, a person, a human vehicle, can self-destruct with an allergic reaction or an over reaction to what is basically a harmless substance. It is a confusion of the biochemical mechanisms.

This is also true of the spirits that inhabit the modified vehicles. They, in being allergic to themselves, which of course is illogical, utilize the great energy that they command to work against themselves. Just like the body commands the resources of the auto-immune system to fight off a substance that is of little consequence.

The analogy holds true except that we have a case of a spirit fighting against a spirit. This is possible due to the multi-faceted nature of consciousness. The lower levels of consciousness can be compared to the physical body and the higher levels of consciousness, the true nature of the entity, can be compared to the allergen. Thus, it is necessary to start a desensitization program to prevent these powerful spirits from utilizing their own resources against themselves.

The allergic reaction has various degrees. The common; the easiest, is apathy and denial. A more serious reaction is actively working to sabotage ones' self whether it be in the environment or physically. The worst scenario involves trying to literally kill the physical vehicle. That is the spectrum of the allergic reaction of the modified vehicles and the powerful entities; multifaceted as they are.

To an extent this was controlled with a cloud; the intentional blanketing of information from the consciousness. This was not always effective for there are those entities whose capacity and nature of energy pattern automatically overrides the blanketing. The blanketing is selectively effective. It works in some categories and not in others. However, the majority of the modified vehicles are still in slumber and confused as to why they seem to fit in nowhere and cannot relate to the majority of the people or the experiences or values that people find in the human civilizations.

That is why we are presenting this information. To provide a framework that can ultimately help these people who, like it or not, are going to be abruptly awakened when the threshold of the energy exceeds a certain point in the next three years.

We hope to provide a sufficient amount of raw material that can be synthesized into a form that can serve as a guideway for the individuals that will ultimately experience this awakening. Also to serve as a source of assistance for those that have begun the process.


We are going to work to present the foundation upon which your lives have genuinely been constructed. This foundation is not related to the host biological vehicles which you have been placed. We hope to convey information that will demonstrate the philosophy and the society that is a part of the consortium of civilizations, extraterrestrial in nature, that comprise the Peace Keepers.

Two of the civilizations will be fairly simple to define. The Light Beings, however, are a challenge that we are still working to resolve. As this information is constructed we will present it.

.... we would suggest that you look at yourselves and see how this allergy to self has impacted upon your life whether it be physical, social, relationship or otherwise.

It is now time to become the entities that you actually are. It is time to allow the ancient consciousness to begin once again manifesting on the planet Earth. This is not a simple task but it has been programmed into your system. The vehicles are capable of supporting the necessary degree of ancient consciousness. However, if the allergic reaction has not been desensitized you could say that a serious imbalance can possibly result.


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