By Djwhal Kuhl

A Channeled Lecture Presented on October 24, 1996


It is I DK........... Recently we broached a topic that has never been discussed by us. And that involves the alien civilizations and their direct attempt to intervene and intersperse themselves among humanity.

We have already presented, through one of our colleagues, information regarding the gray civilizations. Tonight we would like to present information that concerns the Peacekeepers; the alien civilizations that prevent the gray civilizations from indiscriminately exploiting the entire human population.

As has been mentioned the gray civilizations made their pact in 1930 and the door was opened for them to begin their process of integrating themselves into the human population through a loophole in the charter related to the planet earth.

The loophole is simply that any aspect of the earth, any fraction of the earth aspect, is considered a part of the earth and it's geosphere. Hence, their attempts to process themselves into genetic structure that consists of elements of the planet.

That was covered, although in somewhat sketchy detail, at the last communication. We are sure that there are a number of questions to be resolved concerning that information. And when those questions are formulated we will address them.

Tonight we are going to discuss the Peacekeepers response to the loophole.

It had long been anticipated by the Peacekeepers that the gray civilizations would eventually discover the loophole. Thus, for many centuries the peace keepers were planning their response to this back door attempt to infiltrate the human population.

The Peacekeepers are quite physical and they do have a life span. This life span in human years is approximately ten thousand.

The Peacekeepers have been interacting and watching over humanity for hundreds of thousands of years for the human vehicle has existed in different forms for at least two million years. However, the current form did not manifest until approximately one hundred thousand years. This new form is the version that each of you are familiar with. It is the only surviving representation of the previous human vehicles that were created.

Realizing the gray civilization would ultimately discover the loophole; also realizing that the gray civilizations did not have and would never have the technology to effectively alter genetic structure, the Peacekeepers decided that they would manufacture a form of human that could serve as a host vehicle for an alien spirit. The Peacekeepers do have the technology and the capacity to create life. They have the capacity to work at the genetic level.

They started the process approximately three hundred years ago selecting various genetic lines and following those genetic lines. These genetic lines were identified and tracked.

The genetic lines were selected for durability. They were selected for the capacity to handle high energy of a natural order. And they were selected due to the nature of the spirits inhabiting them. For alien spirits, alien entities, have been among the human population since the creation of the final form of mankind one hundred thousand years in the past.

The genetic lines have been tracked, were catalogued, and the inhabiting forms or spirits were studied. It was discovered that compromises would have to be made as to the nature of the spirits or entities inhabiting these vehicles at a given time.

Due to the superior nature of these vehicles, alien spirits were in competition to manifest in them but not all of these alien spirits were benevolent. This was unfortunate for due to the time when the activation process was necessitated, a number of the genetic vehicles were contaminated by malevolent alien entities.

However, after researching the issues the Peacekeepers discovered that a number of factors were in operation. The omnipotence of the nature of karma was at work. It was discovered that the spirits that needed to inhabit the enhanced vehicles had karmic issues to be resolved. When the program was set in motion in 1930, a combination of malevolent and benevolent alien entities inhabited the genetic strains that had been tracked and selected for use.

The best case scenario was one in which little or no karma existed between the host and the spirit that needed to manifest. The worst case scenario was bitter enemies from a karmic standpoint being reunited. This unfortunately had to be utilized despite the impact on the spirit that needed to manifest at the time.

The procedure for the manifestation was simple. Genetic material was collected from the hosts, that being the female and male partners of the genetically compatible pairs. The genetic materials were then taken to the primary processing laboratory in the northern part of the continental United States. At this laboratory the birth actually took place. The genetic material was enhanced. Features were added, circuitry was added to augment the energy capacity of the vehicles.

However it was a necessity that these alterations remain undetected. Consequently the degree of modification was limited so that the technology of the time would notice no difference between a normal human body and the genetically altered ones. A number of peculiar characteristics existed for the genetically altered ones including blood pressure variations, body temperature variations, hormonal imbalances to name a few.

Our purpose here this evening is not to define the distinctive characteristics of the genetically altered vehicles. It's simply to convey the manner in which they came to be.

The genetic materials were processed in the laboratory. The eggs and the sperm were genetically altered so that the appropriate manifestation would occur. They were then joined in the laboratory for the fertilization to take place.

When the process had been completed and the necessary modifications made and the being was set in motion, a pair, consisting of an alien male and alien female Peacekeeper, were assigned to each developing embryo.

In a sense you could say that these were the true parents of the developing being. A bonding took place between the being and the spirit that was to inhabit the developing being, and between the alien mother and father figure. This bonding occurred on three levels of consciousness as the Peacekeepers view reality from a three level plane. They operate at what humans call the subconscious level and utilize the subconscious to its maximum extent. The human vehicle utilizes less than three percent of the subconscious structure.

When the embryo was set in motion, the specific entity, who was usually non-physical at the time, was matched to the embryo. The entity appeared or was summoned to the research facility. Of course being non-physical was of little consequence to the Peacekeepers for they interacted with what you call the astral and the mental levels with as much facility as the physical levels.

Extensive discussions took place before each given spirit selected to participate in the program and bond themselves to the embryo. When such a commitment was completed the embryo was transported to the host and implanted in the female so that for all practical purposes a normal gestation process would take place.

This was an effective technique although it did produce a few surprises for a number of the hosts were either practicing their own methods of birth control or the female had been deemed incapable due to hormonal imbalances or other gynecological problems from being able to bear children. In some instances the female structure, the birth canal for example, or the pelvic girdle were incapable of adequately providing an access for the birth process. These, of course, could be dealt with by the human technology that existed in various forms. So even though the vehicle of the host, of the female host, was not necessarily suitable for a normal birth, technology was adequate so that the process could manifest itself. And the survival rate was exceptional due to the strength of the entities that were bonding to these modified vehicles.

The hosts, depending on the karmic associations with the entities who selected to manifest, reacted with awe, indifference or overt hostility. This was indirectly addressed with counseling sessions from the alien peace keepers. But the nature of the experience, the artificial quality, could not be alleviated. And most of the entities who selected to manifest in the altered vehicles did not identify with the hosts.

In most instances, only one modified vehicle was interjected, however, there were as many as two at times. But the majority consisted of a single experience even though the hosts ultimately produced offspring of their own. The difference between the two, of course, was substantial.

The nature of the Peacekeepers holds the triad, the perfect structure of the universe, as a key element. In recognition of the triad, a three year cycle is celebrated. Every three years the modified vehicles enter a new phase; a phase of growth; a phase of expansion. And this three year cycle is celebrated by the Peacekeepers; by the entities themselves, in the altered state of consciousness that occurs when night time visitations of the Peacekeepers are presented.

The three year cycle, its' significance, represents the trinity or the triad representing the positive, the negative and the neutral. Beginning at the age of three the Peacekeepers present themselves to the child and are accepted as the parents, if you will.

This experience is of great significance for the developing consciousness for at this point they can see that there are, or there exists a structure, consisting of the male and female that does approximate what they have learned to be a family unit, although they do not relate to the host family unit to any great extent.

The greetings, the information exchanged, the presentation at the age of three, is a momentous and joyous one. And it will continue throughout the life of the vehicle every third year. The entire third year is a celebration usually due to the changes invoked by the increased energy in the expansion of consciousness.

Each three year cycle tends to be stressful for the vehicle and the heightened emotionalism accompanies this stress. However, at the conclusion of a third year cycle, the entity is stronger, the energy capacity is greater and they are more of what they truly are, which is an alien in human form.

It was necessary in the year 1989 to do modifications to the vehicles. The modifications were manifested in the ethric bodies and consisted of augmenting the energy flow paths so that the vehicles could withstand the accelerated pace of energy that is necessary to manifest, to manifest the ancient consciousness. That is required; manifestation of the ancient consciousness that exists in each of the entities that are incarnated into the modified human vehicles.

The task of manifesting the ancient consciousness is not a simple one. It will require conscious effort, much work and an intensification of the energy through various means. However, it is necessary that each of the alien entities that are inhabiting these modified human forms recapture as much of the ancient wisdom as possible for it will serve as a guide and a road map for the future and for information that is greatly needed by the human population.

The genetic engineering process is continuing except hosts are no longer needed. The modified alien vehicles themselves with the inhabiting spirits are contributing the genetic materials. And the offspring from these unions are being extensively modified to serve ultimately as a bridge between humanity and the high energy Peacekeepers.

These children live with the Peacekeepers and are educated in the ways of the Peacekeepers. They have no limitations, they have no karma, they have only a oneness with the universe.

The reason it is necessary to manifest the ancient wisdom in the entities inhabiting the first generations of modified human vehicles is that the foundation must be laid so that ultimately humanity will be ready to accept their offspring. The offspring that they themselves contributed to the creation, but who also have been genetically engineered to more perfectly represent the alien energy pattern.

The project is proceeding on schedule and the offspring are growing to maturity. Many are adults and many children are continuing to be constructed. When the time is right, when the foundation has been laid, they will be integrated into the human population and serve as guides for the continued development of human consciousness.

In the meantime those of you that inhabit the modified vehicles must strive to allow the energy to flow properly. Allow it to expand with no limitations and work to retrieve the ancient wisdom and the basic nature, the true nature, of your entity, of your spirit.

The Peacekeepers will continue to work to countermand the threat that the gray civilization poses to humanity. Alliances between humans and the gray civilization do exist and do stand. However, even with human cooperation world domination by the gray civilizations would never be allowed.

Unfortunately the alliances do produce exploitation of the population governed by the alliances.

This cannot be helped. It can be monitored. It can be diluted to an extent but a great many of the victims of the gray civilization also have a karmic attachment to them. And they are repeating a pattern that was set in motion fifteen thousand years ago during the times of Atlantis. Atlantis is another topic upon which much needs to be said and we hope to cover in detail in future communications.

We hope that the information this evening has served some useful purpose. At best it is sketchy

and we are sure there will be many questions. However, it is difficult to formulate into words the complex nature of the project that is in motion. And the conceptions, the ideas that need to be presented are best presented without words. The limitations of humanity, however, necessitate that language be used. The limitations of the language will impact the extent of the information but there are ways to overcome these limitations. And that is what, working together, we shall endeavor to do.

At this point we shall conclude the communication. There is much that needs to be said and we hope that you shall create the opportunity for further communications to take place. Our blessings upon you and we hope that each of you will endeavor to overcome the limitations that your individual personalities have placed upon you. For it is necessary to overcome these limitations, to overcome the inertia that you have each chosen for yourselves. It is necessary to become the ancients once again. The ancients know no limitations and there are no obstacles that can stand in the way of the ancient wisdom........


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