A Channeled Lecture by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

October 22, 1996  



I bid you good evening. Doyle here. 'Tis a bit lacking in the energy this evening as there are few to contribute. However, we shall endeavor to relay the information that is necessary. We shall at least attempt to begin the process.

I have chosen to speak first for the simple reason that in reference to the historical foundation of genetic engineering in recent times, the key year is the year of my departure from the physical plane which would be 1930. .....

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The information that I need to impart is that in the year 1930 the gray aliens approached Adolph Hitler and made the proposal promising him world control, offering him technological advances, offering him supremacy.

'Tis obvious that an alien technology, an alien culture, particularly one as alien as the gray beings would be most impressive. Their technological displays, far in advance of anything humanity possesses then or now, was most seductive.

Hitler had a charisma and initially a sense of caring for the plight of the German people who had been unfairly treated after the debacle of the first world war; the war to end all wars.

This abuse of the general population of the German people opened the door for the gray aliens. They saw it as an opportunity to achieve their goal of establishing a legitimate presence on earth. They knew that the regulators, the keepers of the peace, would stop them from invading or subjugating humanity. But the loophole that they sought consisted of creating a form superior to the human form but being a part of themselves so that they could stake a claim of legitimacy to the planet Earth.

Mr. Hitler was most impressed by their technologies and was led to believe that he would have free access to this technology. Being a brilliant, if not unstable individual, he recognized the potential. This spurred him to establish his network.

Convincing people with power to follow him was a relatively simple task when he displayed proof of the aliens and their technology. For the tough sell cases direct meetings took place with the gray aliens present; obviously a very impactful presentation. His isolated mountain chalet was the meeting site for contact with these gray aliens.

This was the beginning of his rise to power. And utilizing the individuals in key positions that were impressed by the technology and the mere existence of the gray race was how he managed to achieve power and ultimately a dictatorship over the German people.

The down trodden German people were too willing to follow anyone who offered to feed them, which they were starving, and regain their pride, in which the Germanic population is a very proud people. There would not have been the seeds of the second world war planted if the dignity of the German people had been respected.

Believing that he had full support, full access to the technology and even a promise of direct intervention if necessary, Mr. Hitler proceeded with his plans to eliminate the obstacles to becoming ruler of the world.

This belief of omnipotence inspired by the gray aliens infused the German people. The animation, the power, the charisma that was a part of this brilliant but unstable personality was spurred to even greater heights by the gray's omnisentience.

When he spoke to the German people he spoke with conviction. He spoke with the belief that the German people, with the alliance, with gray aliens, were invincible. Mr. Hitler chose as associates, people who had no scruples. He needed people that would do whatever was necessary to eliminate the obstacles in his path to supreme rule. This of course necessitated the murder of thousands of individuals, thousands of his own people, which was done systematically and efficiently. So much so that the world did not realize what was occurring. Even the German people had no conception that many of the key thinking people of their country were disappearing or dying under mysterious circumstances.

In his discussions with the gray aliens they conveyed to him their need to perpetuate their race. They told him that due to some ailment that all of their race suffered from, that they were dying and they needed to create a being that was part human and part alien to continue their civilization so that they could continue to assist him in the establishment of the Reich.

Having no compassion or concern for the well being of humanity, they utilized their technological resources to identify individuals that would oppose Mr. Hitler's plans. One of the key groups targeted were the psychic individuals, the individual humans who have abilities that fit into the realm of extrasensory perception. These individuals were targeted first as a recruitment tactic but those that refused to cooperate, those that could see the coming storm, the evil foundation, they were ultimately destroyed after they had been drained of all information that could be derived from their psyches before the body died.

The majority chose this route. Only a small percentage of the psychic individuals cooperated with the Nazi regime. However, it was sufficient to ferret out the others. And those that remained in the country when Mr. Hitler took power and could not escape, ultimately were captured and destroyed. In the process much information about past times, other lifetimes, technologies and capacities were exposed. This information was not even available to the gray aliens. They were as intrigued by it as the Nazis.

The Gestapo, the SS had direct contact with the gray beings. Their viciousness is directly related to the enthusiasm that they derived for their invincibility from their supposed allies.

It was decided that in order to create the hybrid race that the gray aliens who had no technological understanding of human physiology, it was decided that experimentation needed to be accomplished.

The state of medical development in the 1930's was quite limited. Genetic engineering was out of the question. The equipment necessary did not exist. So they needed a large population; they needed a relatively genetically pure population to study. In the course of creating the hybrid that the gray beings wanted, it occurred to Mr. Hitler that perhaps he could create a superior human being as well. This he established as a priority.

In researching a suitable population pool of a relatively pure genetic code the Jewish population, which was extensive in Europe, was chosen. The prejudices that people maintained against the Jewish race; due to their insistence on genetic purity; as well as their adeptness at economic control and manipulation made them an ideal target.

When the people of Germany had been starving, the Jewish people continued to flourish due to their own endeavors; due to their own abilities, no doubt. But when a person is starving they tend to resent those that are not. Thus, it was easy to establish the Jewish population as a threat; to target them as an impurity, as the enslavers of the German people.

The German population who had suffered since 1919, were not forgiving, which is understandable when you're starving. They did not mind seeing the Jewish people disposed of their property. They did not mind seeing the people, who led the good life and ate more than enough, taken away out of their midst. The German people never conceptualized the true purpose for the Jewish population being targeted.

When this occurred a classification system was devised that divided the Jewish prisoners into various categories. The ones that had specific talents that the Nazis could exploit were exploited in that way. The ones that, based on a Nazi evaluation, served no useful purpose, were relegated to the concentration camps for the purpose of experimentation. The nature of this experimentation was crude and quite inhumane. The physical bodies were subjected to every form of abomination that could be devised. This was strictly utilized as a learning tool. The gray aliens needed to know the nature of the human body, how it functioned, what it did, how it reacted. Disassembly was part of that learning process. Unfortunately it was mainly conscious disassembly.

A great deal of the torture was specifically designed to evaluate the nature of the vehicle; the human body. The starvation that was imposed upon many of the victims was designed to establish the durability of the body. Those that tolerated the deprivation well were then utilized for further, more extensive and destructive experimentation.

Being ignorant of the nature of the genetic code the gray aliens and the humans assisting them had no conception of what they were doing. The gray aliens were simply destroying humans simply to determine the strength and endurance of the bodies.

It was the humans' idea, that were assisting, to attempt genetic alteration using chemicals. The German people have always excelled in the fields of engineering, be it mechanical or chemical. The logical choice was to find chemicals that would enhance or create a super being that Mr. Hitler had been led to believe could be created. This did not work.

It was discovered in the course of the dissections in the attempts at altering the genetic structure that the chemicals were ineffective. But they did discover that the human genetic materials of which the gray aliens were most interested, that being the eggs and the sperm of the human beings were visible under the equipment of the day. And the focus ultimately shifted to the creation of a system to preserve the sperm and the eggs. The attempt was made using the Jewish victims. They had to perfect the techniques before they risk their own population. This was accomplished utilizing the chemical engineering expertise of the German people.

During this period of time the freezing of liquid nitrogen was discovered as a preservation means for the genetic material. Also the separation of the different sperm carrying organisms was discovered using the mechanical expertise of the German engineering mind.

Utilizing this information they started a program in the concentration camps of artificially inseminating females to discover the effects and to see if they could determine or direct the gender of the offspring. This they accomplished and discovered which type of sperm produced which gender of child.

They also looked into the prospect of zygote splitting, that is, intentionally created duplicates, identical duplicates of the zygote. They achieved this technology quite by accident. They were approaching the entire field in a trial-by-error way. The gray aliens were of no assistance in this matter except to assist in the control of the inmates utilizing their technology. This is why the Jewish prisoners seemed so disinterested in their condition and made no attempts to overthrow the small amount of Nazis that ostensibly were their keepers. They were under the influence of the gray aliens. They didn't even realize it, so insidious is the technology. But literally thousands of them made no attempt to preserve their lives by rising up against their tormentors. Had they done so they ultimately would have succeeded. That is why over six million of them were destroyed.

The mechanics of the Nazi genetic program were simple. Attempting to utilize the technology that existed with their expertise in mechanical and chemical engineering. The mechanical aspect led to zygote splitting and sperm separation. The chemical aspect, after hundreds of thousands of failures ultimately resulted in the capacity to inject cellular material into the zygote and create a duplicate being of the host genetic material.

The Nazis had no idea what they were doing in terms of DNA structure. They simply, through trial and error, discovered that with proper care, the right chemical environment and the right mechanical tools they could inject the material of a cell from one human being into the embryo and it would then reproduce in the way of the host genetic material. They didn't understand because they could not see any more than the macro structures of the cell. And they of course were simply injecting the entire contents into the embryo. They had no idea which of the components actually worked. But through hundreds of thousands of failed experiments they eventually discovered the right chemical balance, the right mechanical technique and equipment, and actually succeeded in creating clones.

The gray aliens in the meantime discovered that their genetic material, as such, was not compatible with human tissue. In other words they could not inject the genetic, or I should say more accurately, the cellular material from a cell into a human embryo and have viability. They decided that they were going to have to approach their hybridization program in a more traditional way.

They utilized the chemical advancements of the German science in an attempt to create a more suitable host environment much as in today's science, immuno-suppresants are used in organ transplants. The principals were similar and are in use by the gray aliens today. It has taken them many years to come upon the right combination of immuno-suppresants so that their genetic material will bond with the humans.

However, with the right chemical materials this does occur and once the genetic materials merge the incompatibilities are neutralized or canceled out. It is just under ordinary circumstances that the sperm of the gray aliens will not peaceably exist with the egg of the human female and the sperm of the human male will not peacefully exist with the egg of the gray alien female. The technology was derived at great human suffering; great human loss of life.

As time passed Mr. Hitler grew more fearful of the gray aliens because they were not giving him the support that he expected. They were not giving him the technology that they promised. It was of course, it was the way it had to be for had they done so the peace keepers would have been upon them and destroyed them. They would have destroyed each group of the gray aliens that had intentionally interfered with the human population.

The gray aliens, when they had discovered a workable although crude solution to their hybridization program, felt that a reduction of the human population was to their advantage. This is why they presented the technology for nuclear weapons to both the German and the American governments.

They could not create the technology for them. They had to convey the information as best they could and let the humans do it themselves. Again to avoid bringing the wrath of the peace keepers upon them.

They did not mention to the human beings the toxic nature of the weaponry. It was of little consequence to them for the gray civilization is unaffected due to their genetic structure and physiology. Their frequency is such that radioactivity that is fatal to earth life forms has no effect upon them.

This was their plan to reduce the populations of the planet, keeping for themselves a pool of humans to use to create their hybrids.

That is quite where the gray aliens are today. Still seeking to perfect the hybridization program using chemicals and artificial insemination or even, when possible, mechanical sexual intercourse.

That concludes my presentation. There is much that could be said on the topic. That is no more than an outline. Tonight we shall attempt to connect another entity to discuss the peace keepers role in the genetic engineering process.

I bid you good evening.


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