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On the night of April 4, 1991 while driving to the Ozark UFO Conference, a missing time experience occurred. I cannot say that this was the first missing time experience that has happened in my life, although at the time I was not consciously aware of any. However, this is the first one that was structured in such a manner that it would be difficult to overlook. I feel that it was conducted as a learning experience to demonstrate how easy it is to have such experiences and not remember them or to rationalize them away.

There are many people who live a dual life but only remember half of it. The half they don't remember involves interaction with extra-terrestrial beings. I am going to present some details of my missing time experience....


Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a Masters level Psychologist. I have been in private practice, specializing in Hypnotherapy since 1977. Over the years, I have conducted thousands of hypnosis sessions. I have extensive research experience in Social Psychology, both research design and field experience. I am not a UFO researcher and disagree with the methodology that many UFO researchers employ.

My first conscious sighting of a UFO occurred in November of 1975 in central Alabama. I was out planet gazing with a refractor telescope when I saw a dull yellow light moving slowly across the sky. I was able to train the scope on it and when I did, the yellow light disappeared. I saw a dull gray disk, a typical flying saucer, with two red lights and two green lights. After verifying that I did have the yellow object in view, I watched it for a few minutes. I was so impressed with the sighting, I wrote up a description that very night and sent it to the address I had for APRO, the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization. In the next morning paper, in the back sections, there was a small article about an FAA observer in Mobile, Alabama who saw the same thing with the same description and could not identify it. Interestingly, my letter to APRO was returned because the organization had moved and forwarding had expired. Being busy in Graduate School at the time, I did not pursue filing the report.

In 1989, I had the urge to attend my first UFO conference, which was the Ozark UFO conference. I had never been to, or even thought about attending, such an event. However, the conference served as, what I call, a triggering event. It set in motion the retrieval of memories that had been buried in my subconscious since childhood. Let me tell you that something is well hidden when you haven't had a clue about it for 35 years.

So I can pose this question, "How many of you really know yourselves ?" As a psychologist, a necessity of which is self analysis, I thought I knew myself extremely well. I had no idea that I was leading a double life; that there was a whole aspect of life in which I participated that I couldn't remember. I'm sure there are many people in the audience and among the speakers who also lead this double life. Whether you consciously acknowledge or deny it, does not alter the reality of a dual existence. Perhaps something that I say this evening will serve as a triggering event to help you discover a part of life you didn't know was there.



Now I want to tell you about my missing time experience. The drive from my home to Eureka Springs, AR takes about 16.5 hours. On the night of April 4th, 1991, it took me about 18.5 hours.

It wasn't until Sunday morning, over 48 hours after the experience, that the realization occurred that it had taken an excessive amount of time to travel to Eureka Springs.

My first impulse was to rationalize the missing time away by assuming that I had misread my arrival time. However, I had my wife call our answering machine to leave a message for our teenagers as to how to contact us within 20 minutes of the time we arrived. The machine records the day and time automatically and the message was still on the tape when we got home. We had left Pensacola around 9:00 am Thursday morning; the message was logged on the tape at 4:04 am Friday morning.

Thus, I really couldn't rationalize away that there was a large segment of time missing. Since I couldn't remember anything definite happening, I attempted to reconstruct the trip.

I had decided to approach Eureka Springs from I-40 using ST RD 23. I had used this road to return from the 1989 conference and had found it better than US 65. As near as I can tell, we were on schedule when we arrived at the ST RD 23 exit. It was about 12:20 am. To my mind I drove continuously after leaving I-40, except for a 10 minute stop for gas, but we didn't get to Eureka Springs until 3:38 am.

There were a few unusual things about this segment of the trip. The first was that shortly after leaving I-40, we came upon a police car sitting partially in the road with its blue lights flashing. There appeared to be no one in the car or visible around it. Also, I found it odd because it didn't have to be sitting partially in the road when there was space to pull completely out of traffic. I thought it might be a roadblock to check drivers licenses or that maybe there may have been an accident but there were no indications of anything, including the police.

Driving slowly, I passed around the police vehicle and proceeded. We didn't see anybody or any indication as to why the police car was stopped. After this point, things got rather weird. I thought over and over to myself as well as aloud that this trip was taking forever.

My wife was looking up at the sky and saying that the Big Dipper constellation was not in the right place. She repeated this comment several times. I never have been one to track the constellations or even identify most of them so I couldn't comment as to whether it was or was not. Also, I couldn't look because it was taking an incredible amount of concentration to drive the car. I asked her why she thought it was not in the right place and she gave me a plausible explanation.

As the trip appeared to take longer and longer, I told my wife that this was spooky and that this trip was taking forever. I repeated this a number of times. At this point she was looking at what appeared to be a bright star out the driver's side window. I glanced at it and could see it but again, it was taking every ounce of concentration to drive.

Finally we arrived at Huntsville, AR. I'll tell you I was thrilled to see that a local gas station was open at that hour in such a small town. I stopped for gas and we got something to drink. This was approximately 3:05 am. We were there no more than 10 minutes before we resumed our trip to Eureka Springs. We arrived there at approximately 3:38 am. I am sure of this arrival time and is the correct amount of elapsed time to drive the 28 miles from Huntsville to Eureka Springs.

The missing time sequence appears to have occurred on ST RD 23 between I-40 and Huntsville. It should not have taken two hours and forty minutes to drive 50 miles. As a matter of fact, I drove that route to the conference this year and it took exactly one hour to drive from I-40 to Huntsville. I was trying to maintain 55 mph and being unfamiliar with the road, I did take some of the curves a bit too fast. However, even if we add 10 minutes to the trip to negotiate the curves, that still leaves one hour and thirty minutes missing.

I could not consciously recall what happened during that missing segment of time because to my mind, I never stopped driving. Whatever happened, I had no anxiety from it and had no repulsion upon re-traveling the route on the way home. I decided to have a hypnosis regression session to see if I could find out what happened. (Yes, I do use the process for my benefit also)



On April 10, 1991, I had a hypnosis session to retrieve information about the missing time experience. Retrieving this information was extremely difficult. At this point, I am going to present a summary of the session.

An encounter with extra-terrestrials occurred. This encounter was conducted so that it would be noticed as a demonstration of how easy it is to overlook missing time experiences.

Within ten or fifteen minutes after leaving the interstate I encountered a police car. It was just sitting there with its blue lights on. There was nobody around it. It was rather difficult to see inside of it. I didn't see anybody.

When I saw it there I thought that maybe they were having a license check or something although it was rather late to do so. Then I thought perhaps there had been an accident. However, nothing was evident but the police car with its blue lights flashing.

The road was a little bit higher than the shoulder. The police car was on the right side of the road, same side we were traveling down. Over on the right side at that spot, there were a few small trees and it looked rather flat behind it. It seems that in recall, somewhere in this area, there was a dirt road that we got off on.

I see the vehicle, a flying disk, sitting on relatively flat ground. It looks like the one I've seen in past regression sessions with a ramp coming down from it. Standing by the ramp are a man and a woman. The disk is fairly large; about 25 feet in diameter.

I drive down this dirt road a little bit. It doesn't appear to be an extremely long one. I'm not really sure where it was in relation to the police car. It just seemed to be somewhere in the vicinity.

So it seems I told my wife that, "You finally got your conscious experience."

It seems like she says, "Yeah, but I'll never remember it later because the perception thing has already shifted."

The duality [of consciousness] is beginning to manifest because there was no real emotion associated with the experience.

The man and the woman standing by the ramp are ones I've seen many times in the past.

So I park the car and shut it off, shut the lights off and everything.

Underneath the craft is a pulsating green glow.

We get out and walk towards the craft and are greeted by these people.

The woman seems to say that, "We have arranged the experience that you desired."

By this time the duality [of consciousness] is strongly setting in.

We all go into the saucer and they close the door, retract the ramp, whatever, I don't know how that works. Apparently the thing takes off, although it is just very smooth. And there are some other human people on board, people that I consciously know, in addition to the crew.

There seems to be two pilots, two men in silver suits. They are sitting at a console with a monitor, a large flat screen monitor. They are watching the monitor closely.

There is a round spot on the floor that you can see through, see the ground. The saucer is flying through the mountains.

The two pilots operate the console and observe the view on the flat screen monitor which appears to be like the forward view, in other words, like a windshield almost, except it's not a windshield, it is a view screen.

So what was the point of the meeting ?

One point was the conscious cues that it had occurred.

It served as an indicator in time that contact had occurred in a manner that was difficult to deny even though my conscious self has tried to rationalize it all away. But it's pretty hard to rationalize away a sixteen and a half hour trip taking eighteen and a half hours.

It appears that measure for measure, the positive extra-terrestrials are countering the negative extra-terrestrials.

Each of us received information relevant to what we needed to do.

We flew a great distance. It seems like we went over to Egypt to the Great Pyramid complex. It was like the big pyramid was transparent. Two thirds down from the top. it was like a sun in there. Brilliant, pure, golden energy.

Then we went over to Britain and hovered at a point over the English channel where we could see both the British Isles and the continent. Through the floor viewer, we could see electromagnetic concentrations as being a blue color, medium bright blue.

Then we flew across the Atlantic and hovered over New England briefly. Then we went back to the landing site. It was impressed upon me that there was something for me to find there.

After returning, in the altered state that I was in, I drove pretty slow. After stopping in Huntsville, I was able to drive normally on to Eureka Springs.


The thing I found most interesting about the Missing Time experience was the extensive rationalizations that my mind constructed to explain it away. After there was no doubt that approximately two hours were missing, the feeling was WOW but the WOW faded quickly. Some strange things happened for several days after we returned home. As for the missing time, within a couple of days, it was just another experience that was never mentioned.

Two of the people that I recognized on the saucer, had similar memories to mine of the experience.

I learned from the experience that it is easy not to notice missing time. You can have multiple experiences and literally not notice them.