A Channeled Lecture by Djwahl Khul

Presented October 25, 1987

Greetings to you along the path, it is I D.K. This evening we would briefly like to speak of the parallels between the present and the past. The past to which we refer is the time of Atlantis. As has been mentioned the electromagnetic field, the concentration of energy, was very great in the land mass known as Atlantis.

This was intentional. It had specific effects upon the inhabitants one of which was large physical vehicles. Another of which was an extreme orientation to the astral plane; a duality existed. The consciousness having a reference point that moved back and forth between the two.

In the present time the electromagnetic field is altering. The energy level is increasing. The duality is once again beginning to impact upon the psyches of individuals. Many patterns from the time of Atlantis are surfacing. Many entities incarnated at present were also a part of that system.

As the energy levels increase the duality becomes more pronounced. Individuals will tend to have a greater orientation to the astral plane and to have a less rigid orientation to the physical. This will be confusing to many. Ultimately a system needs to be provided to explain what is happening at the individual level. This we shall work to address at a future time.

You will see a tendency towards emotionalism amplified. There will be peaks; there will be plateaus. But there will be not be a decrease in amplification until the cycle has run its course.

Karmic issues will be thrust upon the psyche at a faster pace with a greater impact than in the past. Issues unresolved will surface with increasing vigor.

The parallel between the time past and the present must be contemplated for there are many lessons to be learned, many patterns to be altered. Emotions, sensations long unresolved must be met. Preferably before they reach you. This is something that is applicable to all entities. It is presented for your consciousness to understand what is occurring around you; what is happening within as well.

The increase in energy will continue to boost capacity. Preparation for the increase is necessary.

We are working to build a channel that will filter out emotionalism that will work to neutralize as much as possible factors that adversely affect communications; this will require some time and effort.

You might say that you must build a shelter, a tunnel if you will, from our level of perspective to yours that will shelter the information from the storm that is raging. The storm will continue to increase making the transmission of information even more critical. At the same time they will intensify factors that work against the reception of the transmissions. We are working from our perspective to resolve the situation. We would ask that you work from your perspective as well to avoid the pitfalls of the past. To take care of the emotionalism as it surfaces, to sort out that which is your own and that which is not.

An important key to the successful transmission is filtering out external influences. In this case the extreme emotionalism that is raging about you. You will also need to, in a sense, insulate yourself from the planet for the planet is also in turmoil. And this as you have seen can have physical as well as emotional impact.

This also will continue for the indefinite future even as the planetary events occur. Relief will be temporary for so much has been stored that what is considered in human consciousness catastrophe is but a fraction of what has been created over thousands of years.

It is a culmination of thousands of years since the time of Atlantis. Thousands of years of emotions, aggressions, hostilities, assaults against self and the planet. All of this from a karmic standpoint is building to the culmination point.

From your perspective insulation is best. The majority of humanity must experience what has been created. It is the karmic pattern. However, you must isolate yourselves from this to effectively serve, to effectively help those that will be experiencing the turmoil; the crisis from the accumulation.

The fact that the accumulation is of such long duration will be confusing to most. They will not realize that at many different points on the physical plane their journeys through life have contributed to the pool of which they are now swimming. This must be conveyed to them for understanding will help them alter their perspective and ultimately blunt the impact of this accumulation.

As we have said it is necessary to alter that which occurred at the time of Atlantis which was the destruction of an entire cultural pattern. This time it is necessary to have an alteration. An alteration of the pattern to where the limitations and the short sightedness are replaced with an expansion of awareness; an expansion of compassion; an expansion of unconditional love.

At this point we have conveyed what we felt necessary today. We are working within the circumstances to resume the communication cycle. However, if there are any questions you may ask them at this time and we will endeavor to formulate a response.

One point from last time that we would like to address concerning new information. We have found it necessary to transmit information on numerous occasions as a form of review to make the consciousness aware of the important points and to serve as you would call a validity check, in other words, the information has continuity over time.

......................... With that we shall close the communication session. Continue to work to build the channel to strengthen it so that the complex information that must be transmitted can come through clearly and efficiently.

We thank you for the opportunity to resume these communications. Our blessings upon you and our hope that as you travel the path the reward and fulfillment of the progress is integrated into your perception and awareness.