A Channeled lecture by Kathumi

Presented October 18, 1985


Dear children and beloved colleagues, it is I, Kathumi. I come to speak to you this evening concerning a topic that is of interest to everyone on the path of spiritual development.

In the last transmission the nature, and results, of fear was discussed. The summation of that transmission was that fear served no useful purpose.

Tonight, we would like to continue the discussion of "pitfalls of personality" that affects one at various stages along the path of spiritual development. The qualities of which I speak are "pride and humility". Both pride and humility have the same end result; the result is a failure to advance.

As the energy increases it amplifies portions of the personality; portions related to past experiences; portions related to body consciousness. This is most clearly reflected in the emotions.

As has been said many times in the past the greatest obstacle to overcome on the physical plane; to overcome to advance to higher spiritual levels; the greatest obstacle is emotion.

So one would ask, "How can pride and humility have the same end result?" Although seemingly contradictory they are in fact complementary.

In the case of humility; one never tries. If one never tries, one never accomplishes. In the case of pride, one feels that they are better than others; that they do not have to work or make the effort. Consequently they also do not make progress. In both instances the beliefs delude the individual and hold them back. These are two extremes.

As we have mentioned before, the middle path is the hardest to travel, but the easiest for the long journey. The tendency is to be distracted from one extreme to the other. Emotionalism is what polarizes the traveler and pulls from one extreme to the other.

Since ancient times we have worked with mankind in an attempt to foster self awareness; to make the individual face the most difficult image that one will ever face on the physical plane; and that is themselves.

The spiritual self is separate from the personality as well as the body consciousness. This is why an individual can have great conflict within themselves resulting in difficulties of health; resulting in emotional difficulties. HARMONY is the key to continued growth but for most, it is a difficult task to balance and walk the middle path. The key to doing so resides in the past for you are the sum total of everything that has ever occurred and you are also responsible for your past. You cannot blame others for things that have happened to you for once the act is committed it is gone. If the results of the act continue then it is due to factors within yourself and thus is your responsibility. If another affects you, if another causes a reaction within you, it is something that you must look into. It is something that you must explore. And this is an important lesson to learn on the path of spiritual development.

Interpersonal relationships are a dynamic element of the physical plane. People are constantly chaining themselves to others unnecessarily. Over time we will work to offer procedures, techniques for doing what is necessary to free you from the chains that have been woven through multiple incarnations and hopefully to make your consciousness aware in the present, so that you will cease to weave additional chains.

For you see the purpose of life is not to continue the rebirth cycle forever. The purpose of life is to learn the lessons of the physical plane and to graduate to the spiritual levels. And this also is but another step in the journey back to the source of your creation.

The physical plane is a class room but there are other levels beyond that also have their lessons to be learned.

Over time for those who are genuinely interested we shall be transmitting this information. We hope that you will benefit from it. The most difficult thing for the human consciousness to do; the most difficult task for the human is to do something that is beneficial for the self; to do things that are good for self. There is a vast difference between that and selfish behavior. This is a point that we shall discuss in the future. For now we will hope that you will contemplate the seeming contradictions of pride versus humility and then perhaps an important lesson will be learned.

Our blessings upon you this evening. We thank you for attending and hope that however your consciousness receives our words that it will benefit you in some way. And with that, I shall say GOOD EVENING.