An Inspiration Message Presented by D.K. at a Spiritualist Meeting

October 4, 1985

It is I D.K. I bring you a message this evening of joy and hope; of depression and despair. For you see one is within the other and the other is within the one. It is important to realize that the mean of the path is the hardest to maintain but by far the easiest on you the traveler.

There are some of you here this evening that have fear; fear of the spirit; fear of yourself. Fear is the most defeating of all reactions.

Why should you fear the spirit when you are a part of it? Although you currently inhabit a physical body, one day that will not be so and your spiritual self will go to the spiritual planes at the level that your work and growth on the physical level designates. And yet people are so fearful of that which they are a part.

Fear serves no useful purpose but to create inner turmoil; to cause the attack of self. It has been said that the coward dies a thousand deaths, but the brave one. These are wise words for they mean that living in fear, fear of yourself, fear of your abilities, will serve no useful purpose. For you are you; you are yourself.

We take this opportunity to speak this evening to perhaps awaken you to the talents, the potential, that lies within each of you. For you see each here is a light waiting to shine; a diamond in the rough requiring the effort to turn the intensity up; to polish, to hone, to develop the talents and capabilities necessary to reach spiritual maturity and to help those others of your fellows that are lost and wandering through the many pitfalls and distractions along both sides of the path; the extremes that I mentioned earlier.

You must ask yourself what there is to fear. You must ask yourself if you truly accept yourself. This is the hardest thing to face; to truly face [SELF]...

We have been working to help, to bring to mankind, knowledge and insights to allow a greater development of spiritual faculties and perceptions. These are needed for the times ahead. For many people the future will be a dark one but it does not have to be so. The light of spiritual truth must shine through, but it requires those among you to be willing to make the effort and overcome self imposed limitations so that you will be able to shine forth in a spiritual manner.

Examine your fears. Are they valid ones? Do you fear a ghost, as you would put it? If so you fear yourself. Do you fear someone or something attacking you? If so you fear yourself ?

The world of spirit is no more of a threat to you than the physical environment in which you live. In actuality it is less a threat for many spiritual beings are currently working to assist you in the development of your talents. That is why we are taking this opportunity to speak this evening knowing that it is a new experience for some and perhaps a threatening one.

However, each individual must assimilate the material and the experience within themselves. As with any communication one must look at what the words say, what the words mean, whether this be from a fellow human or from a non-physical source. This is the true value with any communication no matter what the source.

We hope this evening that you have benefited in some way by our making the effort to speak to you. We hope that you will continue to work to develop the talents, to develop the potentials that each of you possess. Open yourselves up. Continue to seek your spiritual selves for that is the light that shines through all darkness; that shines through all the dismal depths of despair. For there is hope, there is joy and it is found within the spiritual selves that each possess. This is something that is your heritage, that is your birthright. But as with anything, one must work to accept the responsibility of the birthright; to develop the talents, the capabilities that are there.

We would like each of you to go in peace this evening. We bless you and thank you for attending. We hope that over time we will come to speak to you on more occasions and that more people will be ready to hear our words. With that I shall bid you a good evening and again give you our blessings.