Excerpts from a Channeled Lecture by Kuthumi (KH) presented on August 16, 1985


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 Dear children and beloved colleagues it is I, Kuthumi. I come to speak to you tonight on a topic that is of vital concern, a topic that is one of great value to each of you and to humanity as a whole. This is the topic of the life energies. As has been mentioned many times in the past the life energies are the most powerful force in the Universe. They are indeed an emanation from the source: they are the creators: the motivators: the animators.

The source's energy is differentiated into seven frequencies; each frequency a mixture as well as a pure emanation. For most of you it has been said many times that the energies were not to be trifled with; were not to be taken lightly. This is because of their great power.

In your present technological state, man has devised the means of releasing energy by destroying matter in the form of the atom. The nature of the life energies are even more powerful but they resonate in harmony with creation. Each of you serve as channels for this life force, as each consciousness is motivated and animated by the life force. ...... As .... energy flows, if it is not dealt with properly, physical consequences can result, as well as emotional consequences. Many of you are discovering this now. Much has been said in the past concerning the nature of this energy. It is time for those here that are unaware to be educated as to the nature of the energy and the dealing with the energy. It is also time to use the energy to prevent it from back logging causing the various side effects.

 One of the greatest side effects of blocked restrictive energy flow is illness. You see that which you call microbes, bacteria, viruses in reality have no life as such. They are the creation of the psyche. Yes, each succeeding generation creates their own group of microbes and viruses to serve only one purpose: punishment, self punishment to assuage guilt feelings. We can go down through the ages and site numerous historical references to support this contention. For example: the Bubonic Plague or Black Death of the Middle Ages, the Great Influenza Epidemic during the years of World War One, the persuasiveness of polio after that period of time and increasingly cancer and a new one which is not new, but it is a unique creation that is referred to as A.I.D.S. Let us not forget Legionnaires disease either. Yes, the collective consciousness of humanity is creating these diseases and the life energies are being channeled into their perpetuation.

Have you ever noticed the trend that as one major ailment is conquered another rises to take its place? Think about this and you shall see that it is true. The Great Influenza Epidemic of the World War One years has never been repeated. It was situations specific. It was created by the consciousness of the generation but [ck] killed millions of people and then passed on, yet the microbes or the germs if you will, still exist; they are still as prevalent today as they were then. But the results are not the same because the focus has changed. Health is directly related to the mind and the power of the anti-self.

The physical body is a multitude of consciousness. It is in a true sense a multi faceted organism. Each cell has a consciousness. Each physical body is like a Universe unto itself and you the spirit which inhabits this Universe are as a god. When the god is displeased with itself, illness results in the Universe with the potential for the destruction of that Universe. The transition of death.

It has been pointed out on more than one occasion that a person's attitude determines how long they live and how healthy they are as they live. ...........................