A Channeled Presentation on 6-7-1985

Dear children and beloved colleagues, it is I Kathumi. Tonight rather than continuing dictation upon our monograph, we would like to emphasize a few points that have on numerous occasions been mentioned in the past.

The major point is that you are involved in a war with the forces of darkness. The weapons that the forces of darkness use involve the emotions, involve your own anti-selves. The forces of darkness work to weave illusions, misconceptions and reactions. They work to cloud you, to bury you in turmoil, emotional distress, so that your light is dimmed. They work so that you will not be able to become your true self.

The second point that we would like to emphasize is the ramifications from the time of Atlantis. The Atlantean period was a traumatic one for your type of entity. It is one that has left many emotional scars, many limiting beliefs, many self destructive tendencies that must be overcome before you can succeed in anchoring your higher self into the physical, manifesting your energy and shining your light out to reach those that need your assistance.

Many emotions, many reactions exist from the time of Atlantis. These emotional reactions are not beneficial, they must be dealt with and neutralized. Atlantis is not a pleasant experience to review.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times all interwoven and an intricate play of which each played a key part. It must be overcome now. It must be faced and it must be placed in it's proper perspective. It is not beneficial to allow emotionalism in any form to interfere with your primary purpose on the physical plane. The purpose, ah yes, the all encompassing purpose. Transcending the physical plane, recapturing your spiritual selves so that you can help others to discover theirs, perhaps for the first time. If you allow yourself to be embroiled in emotion; to be embroiled in turmoil; to allow the clouds of darkness to encompass you; to be blinded by emotion; to fall into ruts and reactions from the past, you will not be able to function.

As has been said many times in the past, the middle path, although hard to maintain, is the only way to successfully balance the spiritual and physical. This balance is what humanity cries for. Imbalance is what humanity has. And it is fostered by the black brotherhood and due to patterns from Atlantis and from the beginnings of this Universe, you can be pulled away from the middle path.

The key to this system is "LOVE" and "WISDOM". Both are necessary and neither must supersede the other. They must be balanced. Objectivity must be maintained.

The energy levels are continuing to rise and will do so on a world wide basis. For those that are not prepared; for those that have rigid beliefs; limiting beliefs; the energies will only amplify what is there. Many will be shattered due to inflexibility. Your past programming; your past learning is your biggest enemy, the enemy within yourself. If you allow the anti portion of your mind to rule you, you will drop into the abyss and defeat yourself. You must work, it is a constant need for you handle more energy due to the nature of your entities. This energy amplifies what is there. Excessive reactions in any sphere are not beneficial. Balance is a necessary requirement or else the extremes will work to decimate you.

We can not lightly view this topic for the stakes are too high and the end results too important to let personalities or emotions ruin that which you must manifest through. The choice, of course, is your own. However, ignoring the past; ignoring reactions; or attempting to rationalize or view them in a form other than what they are, is self defeating. Emotionalism can color and detract from that which is. Physical reality is a collective illusion; however, individual idiosyncrasies can obscure even the flow of the collective illusion.

Contemplate these words, see how they apply to self and look back to the past to see the role that you played in the time and the place referred to as Atlantis. It will not be a pleasant experience for any of you and yet it is the biggest block that you face. And as conditions world wide strongly approach the similarities of Atlantis you will be faced more and more with the reactions of that time. And if you desire a different outcome, if you wish not to be destroyed, which is what occurred then, you must overcome the past; you must view and release the emotions and the reactions from that time.

We feel that this is the most important thing we can say this evening. The black brotherhood has been working strongly to disrupt the flow of the work, we are behind schedule in our endeavors, as are you. However, the time can be made up with appropriate work. But we must again emphasize the fact that the critical components of self and most of the biggest problems that you face lie not with others but within self. And that is what must be faced first. Think upon these things; contemplate them. We must be strong upon this for your personalities are interfering with the work that you came here to do. Your belief structures are interfering with allowing the majesty of your higher selves to shine forth. And this is not helping those that you are here to help.

Do not fall into the pattern of Atlantis and repeat the pettiness and the egotism and the disillusion that was so rampant in that time. Contemplate these things and I shall leave you with these words. My blessings upon each of you. We know it is difficult to overcome the physical self. We sympathize with you and empathize with you but you can not let petty personalities or petty reactions stifle and neutralize what you came here to do. Go in peace, but look at your self; look at where you are at and what you are doing; and ask yourself "why"? It stops with self and it starts with self. It does not start and stop with another. You are ultimately responsible for self and in this sense you are an island. Only when that self is faced and settled the past can you fulfill and experience the love and the wisdom; the balance thereof that is required to serve as a shining light of love and wisdom for those that depend upon you.

Bless you all. SO BE IT.