A Channeled Lecture by Djwahl Kuhl (DK) Presented February 1, 1985

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Greetings to you along the path. It is I, D.K. and tonight we shall discuss the history of mediumship.

A need for mediumship is a relatively new one for humanity. It is one that developed after the time of Atlantis. In the days of Atlantis, humanity and the physical were different than the present. The vibrational pattern of the human spirit was such that the people could easily slip from what you call the astral vehicle to the physical. It was difficult for them to distinguish a difference. People that exist like that in your culture are classified as insane, but this is but a cultural definition. Their inability to deal with the situation is the result of a lack of education.

Since the time of Atlantis, as humanity has matured, the abilities of the spirit have been greatly repressed. A great deal of this is the results of the black brotherhood. They have worked to divorce humanity from the spirit; to fixate humanity in the mundane concrete world as he knows it today.

After the time of Atlantis the world energy pattern shifted and went through its various phases; these cycles last approximately two thousand one hundred years. Atlantis, of course, was a seventh ray manifestation; the last two thousand one hundred years of Atlantis was a seventh ray manifestation. After that point, the cycle started over again moving from the first ray manifestation in two thousand one hundred year cycles into the present.

As each energy manifested itself, mankind or humanity matured. But the black brotherhood worked to entrench the spirit and imprison matter. With each succeeding generation, the communion with spirit ebbed away until finally in the last two thousand years the bottom of the cycle was reached. The nature of the seventh ray is such that the conditions of the Astral and Physical intertwine and blend into the other.

And so as the sixth ray cycle drew to a close, the work on the non-physical levels was oriented to firmly establishing the connection between the physical and the spiritual. The purpose, of course, is to bring knowledge back to a more mature humanity; to bring back the lessons that were presented during the last seventh ray manifestation to a more accepting audience.

In the days of Atlantis, the teachers used seventh ray techniques in their presentations. Spirit and matter were inconsequential; one was the other. It made no difference to the humanity of the time. As this has been eroded away, the need became great for many different breaches through the wall of dense matter. And these breaches are the individual mediums or channels.

In preparation for the work numerous entities that have the capacities for channeling have incarnated into the physical. They have their non-physical counterparts making up a working team; the physicalized channel and the non-physicals that serve to collect and transmit the information.

This process was accelerated approximately one hundred and fifty years ago. At the time people began to notice on a world wide basis spiritual phenomena in greater numbers. Spiritual phenomena has always existed, there has always been entities who, through great risks to themselves, have carried forth the contact with the spiritual planes, always keeping the light burning through the darkness of the physical plane times.

But the new trend was instituted in greater proportion at this time. Numerous people, many whom were not prepared consciously, began to experience the spiritual phenomena, to gear it to the individual's level of development. At the time, it was of a more physical nature. It started off physical in order to acclimate the peoples' consciousnesses to the higher vibrations that would ultimately be needed for the transmission of knowledge.

You must remember at the time on the physical plane a hundred and fifty years ago, the people were strongly affected by their environment. It was a very hard existence for most people. Survival was a prime motivation. Focus on the physical was directed towards the survival. It took a great deal to get their attention; it took something physical. And this phenomena was provided. A great deal of energy was expended to produce the physical effects that have been recorded in the literature of Spiritualism.

We also expended a great deal of energy to manifest physical phenomena to the various groups with whom we communicated; this was needed. It is what we have referred to as the first phase. This phenomena lasted approximately a hundred years, with its peak fifty years after the onset of phase one. At the fifty year level, the second phase was instituted. This phase, on a world wide basis, consisted of proving the continued existence of the spirit. A great deal of energy was expended from the physical realms and the spiritual realms to proving the continued existence of the soul.

At the same time, groups such as ourselves on a smaller scale began the transmission of knowledge that was suitable for the level of development of the entities consciousnesses with whom we were dealing at the time.

Part of the difficulty in the transmission of any material is the culture or the cultural beliefs of the channels with whom we are dealing. For example, a hundred years ago, which would be approximately 1885, the conception of a human being standing on the moon was unheard of. This could not have been discussed with any understanding by the majority of the population. To a few with abstract thinking this could be done, but even that was out of the realm of experience. The knowledge that we worked to transmit at the time was recorded and presented by the Theosophical Organization. Unfortunately, they quickly fell victim as had other groups to dogmatism and cutting off the evolution of new information. After the original material was presented they did not accept the development of new channels. This they viewed as a threat. Many of their members that are incarnated in the physical today still have this prejudice within their beings that must be removed.

It is not the nature of the PATH of spirituality to stand in one spot. The PATH does not move, the follower of the PATH moves. Knowledge grows. It is not presented and then stops. It is a constant growing spiral. And so the majority of the energy was directed to proving to the direst skeptic that the spirit, the personality if you will, continues after the body dies.

Approximately fifty years ago this phase was dramatically concluded and work began to prepare for phase three. This has required a great deal of effort. It has taken a long time to prepare new channels to be reflectors of the higher teachings. It requires a dedication, unselfishness, a willingness to devote oneself to the work and a desire to reflect the information, despite the personal beliefs of the channel.

And now as the new seventh ray energy begins to beam down upon the world, the winds of change are beginning to howl. At the same time, at the subconscious level, humanity is expecting once again to see the wall between the physical and the spirit dissolve. It will require many transmitters of spiritual teachings spread upon a wide front to help the individuals adjust to the new energy pattern. At a subconscious level, they are ready for it. At a conscious level many are confused.

Now we move into phase three, the transmission of higher physical knowledge. Physical knowledge in the sense that for the first time in history of humanity, an understanding of the nature of their reality is possible.