A Channeled Lecture Presented by Djwal Kuhl on September 18, 1984

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Greetings to those of you along the PATH. I am Djwal Kuhl referred to by many as D.K. ........

Many of you in this room are now facing a THRESHOLD level on the PATH. This level can be viewed as a rise that one passes over with a bit of a plateau beyond it. Up to the point of the PATH where this rise and plateau exist, man can always look back and see the ground covered. That ground has meaning to them and so when many students of the PATH reach this threshold, they tend to hesitate.

The past has always been a source of security for them; it's always been there and once they make the crossing of the THRESHOLD, there is a separation from the past. You are accepting the greater part of yourself at this THRESHOLD in which your past becomes one of many pasts. These changes are difficult for the personality. It's truly accepting a different perspective on the nature of reality but it is an important step forward on the PATH back to the SOURCE.

We have seen many that have approached this THRESHOLD, bent over, looked through it and backed up. Some might even run in the opposite direction losing the ground that they had already covered. We feel that perhaps an explanation of what occurs at this point would help your consciousnesses to understand what occurs and perhaps to consciously go forth.

Society, Western Society, starts off an individual at birth by a mysterious process that's ambiguously labeled as being made by God, but no one really knows what that means or what comes before. And so the assumption made is that you've got a fresh soul or fresh entity; that nothing came before. And this is reinforced daily throughout the life of the individual.

What this tends to do is to augment that portion of the mind that you refer to as the Anti-Self or the Preconscious. It views, and forces your consciousness to view, its' point of origin at conception; when the human gametes meet and fuse. Hence it makes the mundane experiences the primary focus of its' reality. And so you see this in your day to day lives: jobs are important; relationships of some nature are important; houses are important; other types of possessions are important. What is lost in importance is the INDIVIDUAL.

For you see for many hundreds of years now the validity or integrity of the individual has been obscured. People are trained to do things, to get themselves into situations, that tears apart their individuality; that compromises their essence. And all along the early part of the PATH this is evident and it's very difficult for the individual to climb out of the various holes and landslides at this portion of the PATH. Numerous entities spend unnecessary lifetimes at the base of the incline, whether it be motivated by emotion, materialism, the need to possess or be possessed; the aspects that impair the identity of the INDIVIDUAL.

Climbing up the PATH, as many of you have been doing rapidly lately, has not been easy. Many of you are dealing right now with physical plane situations that are very uncomfortable; very unpleasant. This is part, and the hardest part, [of] crossing through the THRESHOLD. A good while back it was said by one of my colleagues that there were many sources of assistance on the PATH, if you would but look for them. I urge you to avail yourself of these forms of assistance. It is important that you push emotion aside as much as possible so that you can objectively assess where you are now, where you were and where you are going.

The NEW AGE is not going to happen by itself. The New Age is to be brought in by individuals who have made the seeming physical plane sacrifice and crossed the THRESHOLD to see a glimpse of the greater picture. It's going to require a great deal of effort but many of your entities have been working on this for tens of thousands of years; it's not a new project with you. But where each of you stand today, damage has been done to your personalities. This damage is in the form of self destructive tendencies and limiting beliefs.

Some of you will not make this crossing to continue the development; the choice is yours. Many of you will make it and the rewards will be many: the bond, the unity will be greater than you have ever known up to this point in your life. For you see resurrecting the INDIVIDUAL opens the door to rejoining the ONE.

And so we would suggest that each commune as a whole, avail yourselves of the resources around you. Do not let the temporary disruptions of the physical plane divert you from what you came here to do. Do not let the enticement of the past force you to run back down the hill and lose the ground that you have worked so hard to gain. Do not let your Anti-Self force you into reactions that are not of benefit to the whole.

Each of you here know that you have a purpose and you know what that purpose is, although many of your consciousnesses cannot accept it yet. To many of you the task seems impossible but this is not true. What you as a group can accomplish has been done many times in many other areas of endeavor. The difference is what we as the non-physicals and you as our physical plane representatives are working to accomplish will for the first time in the history of this planet force individuals to face themselves; find themselves; accept responsibility for themselves and move forth, back to the union of the SOURCE. This is necessary. This is something that each of you are capable of doing. You must believe in yourselves and believe in your co-workers in the endeavor.

We feel that it is unfortunate that you have to be restricted in physical bodies; to have to feel your way through dense matter. But this was decided long ago, that that was the only way that humanity could achieve their freedom. They had to respond to someone that was on their plane, that could move about within their reality and that's why you are here.

....... Each and everyone is more important than you will ever consciously accept but you have to believe in yourself and believe in your purpose. And work together to accomplish this purpose.

....... We will help in whatever ways we can and we invite you to call upon us whenever there is a need. We are always ready to serve. SO BE IT. And may your crossing of the THRESHOLD be soon and painless. Good evening.