Presented July 10, 1984

Channeled by George

The emotions and the concrete thought's have been flitting and zooming in what can be described as chaos. Each has been affected by this in his or her own way. And we wish that such a storm did not have to be endured by such fine entities as yourselves. However, with each great step forward, with each change, with each major accomplishment on the physical plane, such storms are quite common and characteristic of this planet of which you are a part. You can look back in your history and see that such turmoil, such soul searching if you will, has always been characteristic of a great stride forward.

We know that each of you are interested for your various reasons in the saga that we are relating to you of how mankind came to be. However, this evening we shall forego a continuation for we need to do an exercise that will be of much benefit. And that exercise is consciously linking each other with the energy of love; joining together and bringing each as one.


My blessings upon each and everyone of you; go in peace and walk the path that you have chosen; the path that you know in your heart is the one that you must take. We shall help as advisors but we cannot do it for you. You are on the physical plane, we can only say that in unity you have strength and the ability to accomplish; separate, your effectiveness is impaired.

We love each and everyone of you and we are happy that some of you are working and overcoming the internal hardships to become that which you are for only in so doing shall the purpose be done. And my blessings is upon each and everyone of you on the path that you have chosen.

Those of you that walk with us, walk in unity; walk in love; walk in peace. And those of you who choose to go astray, you still have our love; you still have our blessings. We appreciate the help for it is needed to complete the purpose that began ages past. Let the love enter into your hearts; into your beings and let the light of true discovery of self shine and dispel the darkness and the corruption of the physical plane. Work together; join together as one and you shall succeed beyond your wildest expectations. The path may seem the most difficult to tread, but at the end of this existence you will find that it was by far the easiest and the most rewarding.

To my children I say bless you; keep striving. To my colleagues I say overcome the past do not let the physical plane beat you down; unite as one and see through the purpose to which we agreed so long ago. You may disconnect the heart centers now; go in peace; go in love and we wish all the best for you on the physical plane, whatever brings you happiness.

We shall return again and continue our saga of creation. We hope that you find it of interest, but leave it up to your individual consciousnesses as to how to assimilate it into your daily lives.

Blessings upon all.