Presented June 7, 1983

Channeled by George

'Tis been awhile since I've been here, to speak that is, and as we've been telling you; the effects of the energy have been pronounced. Many of you have seen these effects first hand, and it's not surprising that some of you have had to take measures to correct the situation.

All of you here have talents in some form or another and it's necessary to develop these talents. However, 'tis obvious that due to past programming; each of your efficiency in your talent has been reduced. Not everyone here is to be a medium. That is just one category. There are other things that are also important to carry out the work. However, those of you who are mediums... 'tis no sense in running from it. That is what you're to do in this existence, and the sooner that you work towards that goal the easier life will be.

What we're working on is a system. A system of information that will be of critical importance for the whole world. Each and everyone here has a role to play in that. Granted there are other groups doing similar work but each group is special in it's own way and has it's own responsibility. This particular group has a great deal more responsibility than perhaps the bulk of the other groups simply due to the personnel that make up this particular group. Some of you here have sensed who makes up this group, and that in and of itself carries a great responsibility in the completion of the task.

To those of you who have sought assistance, I congratulate you. To those of you who are still struggling, assistance is available.

Many of you are aware that not much information of significant importance has been transmitted from our side, and it will be that way until the necessary structures are built here. The sooner the organization is formed the sooner we can begin transmitting the necessary information. Not much effort has been put to follow through with the sub-groups. However, this is understandable considering the lack of grounding that currently exists. It will take work to build the necessary ground structures; effort on everyone's part.

This is a work that transcends the personality. Personality is a hindrance in the completion of our task. Our purpose is a noble one. 'Tis something that our entities, each and everyone of us here as well as on the physical plane, have worked for a long time. But of course there's been the opposition working to maintain the status quo, so to speak, and they have succeeded in placing shackles on each and everyone of you. You have been wearing them for this entire existence and haven't realized it. But it's time now to shed the shackles, to put concentrated effort into becoming that which you are. Work to develop the potential that exists ....... ...You must assess your reactions to things. View yourself not as you -- but the impact that you have on those around you. You must, because the energy that is being channeled into this group is amplifying everything; both the positive and the negative. It's of critical importance that the negative be reduced so that it won't countermand the positive, and at this point from our perspective; that is of prime importance for we are anxious to get on with the work.

We have many other entities that wish to speak and relay information. We here are serving as a clearing house, also, for entities on our side of the veil and this is new for us also, as I stated in the past. We are all traveling on new ground but the stakes are high. We don't have much room for error.

I would ask that each of you review self and think of any ways that you can improve yourself. Think of things that are holding you back, for we must get on with the task. From time to time there will be others speaking through this channel. Due to this entity it will be a particular vibration range of course. If I don't mention Lodge he won't stop pestering me, but he will be speaking in the future as will others. Those of you who have the mediumistic talent, you need to get together and work on it. It's needed. Others of you can work to help organize the information. Put it into a readable form. Others' task will not appear until later on but be patient. Work to improve yourself, then when it's ready; you will be ready.

Fear is self defeating and that's what the opposition has worked to instill in each of you. Fear and doubt, and with the energy in strong proportions can rend apart your entire system. Contemplate that. You have nothing to fear, and doubt serves no useful purpose. What you desire you will achieve, in time. We here have difficulty relating time. It means nothing to us. One year, one minute, a hundred years, one second; it's all the same. So you must bear with us and remember that information from the past may just now be applicable.

I suppose that fairly well covers what I needed to say this evening. 'Tis been good to speak with you and I will do so again when the conditions are appropriate.

I Bid You A Good Evening