In the late fall of 1977 in the early morning hours, I had just turned out the lamp on my night stand to go to bed. The room was not in total darkness because there were two street lights that provided illumination through the three windows.

I was still sitting up after just turning off the light when I noticed to my right an ELECTRIC BLUE SPHERE, about 6 inches in diameter, come through the wall. I was wide awake and looking directly at it.

As I watched it, it slowly floated across the room from right to left, until it went through the left outside wall. It made no noise and tracked smoothly through the room at a height of about five feet.

I was rather astounded as I had never seen this before. All my life, it has not been unusual for me to wake up and see strange things that quickly fade away. However, I was totally awake and this ELECTRIC BLUE SPHERE did not fade away, it actually entered and exited the room.

In the following months, I saw blue spheres in the distance several times while driving but did not have a repeat of a sphere in the bedroom of which I am aware.