An Easter Message from the Christ
The Power of Creation is Unconditional Love

April 16, 2014
Channeled by George


Unconditional love is the glue that holds the universe together.  The disrupter or the destructor is anger and hatred.  The two do not exist simultaneously because they are mutually exclusive.  Each time you allow yourself to be permeated with unconditional love, you have a harmonious and constructing effect around your environment.  Every time you allow yourself to feel anger, resentment and other negative emotions, it has a disruptive or destructive effect to your environment.  

The various consciousnesses of the universe respond to unconditional love.  And they also respond to anger, hatred and resentment.  The way to create the environment that you wish is to permeate yourself with unconditional love and to expel from your system, the anger and the resentment and the negative feelings.  Even though you may feel this anger and resentment is justified, it has an adverse effect on you and it does nothing to the object of your anger and resentment.

On the other hand, filling yourself with unconditional love harmonizes yourself and harmonizes your environment.  And it neutralizes whatever the source of the anger or the resentment was.  People tend to confuse the word love because it's been used in a very trite manner.  It has connotations that are not necessarily what its original intention was.  But love is joining.  Love is the joining of energy, the joining of consciousness.  And that is the power of creation and all the various consciousnesses and energies combined to create that what you desire.

The chaos in the environment is due to the various competing, mutually exclusive emotions of love, anger, hatred.  It produces a constant building and tearing down, an ebb and flow.  However this ebb and flow is not necessary.  The plane is designed to work in harmony and unconditional love.  It's what powers the plane. The destructive tendencies of anger and hatred and resentment are the snake in the Garden of Eden.  Paradise verses hell.

The choice is very simple.  You can work towards unconditional love which in turn, you become the creator of a positive reality.  Or you can surrender yourself to anger and resentment and other negative emotions with a similar vane, whether it be guilt or jealousy, which of course degrades and deteriorates yourself and your environment.

Love is a powerful tool.  It's the tool of creation.  And this is why unconditional love, not only for yourself, but for everything around yourself, is a powerful creator and will result in creating the reality that is harmonious and beneficial for yourselves.

Working of miracles starts with love, genuine love, unconditional love, total love with no negative emotions within your system.  It's important to work towards that goal of unconditional love and maintain it as much as possible.  The more you can maintain it, the more harmonious your environment.  And the damage by the negative emotions can be repaired.  And the less negative emotions, the less damage to repair. The choice is yours.

You can either attempt to destroy that which you dislike or you can reshape it with unconditional love.  Reshaping and molding and manifesting that which you desire is a much more harmonious approach than destruction.  The consciousnesses, the energies that makeup reality, appreciate unconditional love.  They dislike the disruption of anger and hatred.

So think upon these things and realize that love is not a trite phrase but it is a power that is your gift.  The gift to be the master of your reality.  Our blessings upon you.  We hope that you will benefit from this prospective.