Kathumi Speaks about 2012 - Dec. 21, 2012, The Age of Miracles
November 4, 2012
Channeled by George

Dear children and beloved colleagues, it is I Kathumi,

We would like to continue our presentation on the change that will take place December 21, 2012.  The first thing to remember is that these cycle changes occur in a predictable manner.  They have happened many times in the past and will continue to happen in the future.  Each energy pattern comes into being on a higher turn of the spiral.  

The consciousnesses need to be prepared for the changes that will take place.  

In the past, people were used to a certain reality; a certain mindset.  There were individuals that sought to transcend that mindset.  Various religious processes were designed to transcend the mindset to see beyond the structure of reality.  In some cultures, chemical substances were used that were found to alter consciousness.  

People also discovered other techniques to transcend consciousness. Whether it be breathing, rhythmic breathing, chanting, devoted prayer or group focus of energy.  All of these things were designed for people to see beyond the current reality.  

When the zero point is reached on December 21 of 2012, all the techniques and crutches to transcend reality, will no longer be needed.  For it will happen as the seventh ray begins to manifest itself.  Those individuals who are not prepared for this alteration of reality will be seriously affected by it.  

The closest analogy is what happened during the drug experimentation.  There were people who tolerated the expansion of reality; who accepted the malleability of reality.  There were other people who could not handle this and were negatively impacted by it, some to the point of being destroyed by it.  

When an individual is invested in reality in a certain way and they expect for it to remain in a certain form to suddenly discover that reality is malleable, can be a very distressing revelation.  

It's interesting how humanity has always sought to transcend physical reality.  The religious constructs of the miracle fit in these categories.  People tolerate miracles because in their minds, they are rare.  People attribute miracles outside themselves to a greater force, rather than within themselves.  Within themselves, of course, is the true nature of the miracle because the miracle is something that the individual needs at the time.  

However, people have been trained to think that they do not have the power within themselves.  Even though religious teachings for thousands of years have pointed to the power within the individual. Even explicitly stating the power of God is within, to most people these are empty words.  People repeat the words, but they have no meaning.  People repeat the words, but they have no belief.  People repeat the words, but they have no faith.  And in the old energy cycle that is winding down, only the few transcended reality.  

This is about to change.  Individuals who are prepared for the change will benefit from it greatly.  There will be many people who cannot handle the change and they will be destroyed because they were not prepared.  The change of the psyche is something that will affect everyone.  Those people that are prepared will suddenly discover that miracles are a routine rather than an exception. People will discover that their thoughts translate into reality at a faster and more powerful pace.  Suddenly, everyone will have the capacity to be miracle workers.  

However, it is important that the miracles be of a positive nature rather than a negative one. This is where the person's personal beliefs and attitudes play a great role.  If you have faith, you can accomplish many things.  Positive faith produces positive things. And of course, negative faith produces negative things.

Doubt in the old energy pattern disrupted the manifestation of miracles.  That will not be an issue in the new energy for the translation from thought to matter will be so rapid that doubt will not interfere with this manifestation.  This is why it's important that a positive outlook be maintained, positive feelings be maintained, for everything will be amplified.  

The meaning of words will have more power than in the old energy cycle.  Thoughts become things at a more rapid pace.  That's important to realize that thoughts have always affected reality; that attitudes have always affected reality.  However, it takes more time; it took more time, in the old energy pattern.  For the concrete nature of the old energy pattern served as somewhat of a barrier.  

Ultimately the barrier would bend or be cracked and things would manifest.  People who were able to transcend the barrier manifested things at a more rapid pace.  People who could break through the barrier could perceive the future, could accurately bi-locate their consciousness and see the future in remote places within the confines of their body for their mind was liberated.  

The change that's going to take place will give everyone this ability.  The people who are prepared can even now begin to benefit from this change.  The people that are unprepared will become more confused each day that goes by.  You will notice that people in general are on edge.  People are very emotional; people are very volatile.

The uncertainty and the confusion of the changes that are taking place, feeds into this.  The change of the earth's electromagnetic field also affects the nervous system.  And the nervous system is tied in with the emotional manifestation.  By having conscious knowledge of this, people can minimize the impact.  But it is important to realize that things are not as they were and new things are about to manifest.  

The power of the mind and the importance of personal responsibility; that is the key.  People have to realize that the power of God is within and that power is going to project outwards at a rapid pace.  The constrictions and barriers of the old energy pattern will crumble and we will have rapid manifestation from thoughts to material reality.  

In earlier times when this system or this energy pattern manifested itself, it was referred to in ancient lore as the age of magic.  Magic is the focus of energy impacting and manifesting physical reality; and altering it.  In other words, using the malleability of physical reality and changing it at will.  And that is the key, WILL....

As the change in the new energy pattern takes place, momentum will be building, moving forward so that people will find themselves manifesting faster and faster.  This will not be an overnight change.  

When the zero point is reached, the old form will have ceased its usefulness.  From that point hence, moving forward into the new form, momentum will be built.  It will not be days or weeks but months or years.  But each day that goes by, the power of the mind will manifest itself in a greater capacity.  

This transition period will help many people to adjust.  It will give people one more opportunity to make the changes that they need to be receptive, to be masters of their own universe. But it is a choice that people must make.  For now, in the new energy pattern, everyone will be a god.  There's no acceptance or denial of this;  it is simply a fact.  

For those who handle their godhood, it will be an age of wonder.  For those who refuse to accept the responsibility, it will lead to personal destruction.  The planet will reconfigure itself.  The people who refuse to change, who refuse to accept the responsibility of the new energy will be drawn to places and then the planet will take care of it.  

There will be volcanos and earthquakes and tidal waves generated.  There will be many people who exit the physical plane through war, disease or simply apathy.  It is the beginning foundation of the new age in the true sense.  New age has been misused many times in the old energy form.  But the age of wonder is there.  

Make yourselves ready for this.  Accept the god power and use it to shape your reality in a positive way.  Remember, the energy is neither positive or negative. You, the god within, determines how it manifests.  It can  either be positive or negative.  Think upon these things.  Become one with the god force for that is everyone's heritage.  Everyone has a great opportunity to reshape their reality in a positive way.

Our blessings upon you.  So be it.