Kathumi Speaks about 2012 - Dec. 21, 2012, Empowerment of Thought
October 4, 2012
Channeled by George

Dear children and beloved colleagues, it is I Kathumi,

This evening we would like to continue our discussion about the impact of the energy change that will take place on December 21, 2012.  The thing to remember about an energy cycle is the word cycle.  Energy radiates, it radiates outwards; it is in motion.  As it changes, as it changes phase it winds down until it reaches a point where the new pattern begins to move forward.  

As the old pattern decreases reaching its zero point its effects become weaker and weaker.  The things that were energized by the old energy pattern become less efficient, begin to malfunction or break down and eventually cease to function at all.  This always happens at the change of a new energy cycle.  

The old forms are shattered to be replaced by new forms.  Modifications are needed with devices and things to allow it to function in the new energy cycle.  Sometimes these changes are slight but necessary.  Other times the old form must be totally replaced because it is so inharmonious with the new energy.  

The energy that will begin to manifest on December 21, 2012, is the empowerment of thought.  Thought has always impacted matter.  With the new energy, the impact will be more immediate.  Thoughts will become things at a faster pace.  People are not used to this.  They're used to thoughts either not manifesting at all or manifesting slowly.  The acceleration of thought becoming things will be confusing to many people.  

It is of great importance that people learn to control their thoughts so that they will focus on constructive, positive outcomes.  When thoughts become things at a faster pace, there's less room for error.  Right now, a person makes a decision; there's time to change it; there's time to make modifications to the decision.  Once the decision is committed, there's still time to make modifications or changes.  

The new energy will be an instantaneous commitment.  Thoughts will become things at a faster pace.  The power of the mind will be magnified.  The power of the group mind will be magnified.  Things that are inharmonious with the new energy will be destroyed because the resonance frequency will be inharmonious.  

Populations, cultures, nations that do not make the changes necessary to be harmonious with the new energy will be destroyed.  The earth understands these patterns and will reconfigure itself to be harmonious with the new energy.  This has happened many times in the past on the planet.  Each time the reconfiguration has resulted in some level of destruction. Old forms that refuse to alter will be destroyed.  Those that adapt to the new energy will survive.  Structures and land masses will be reconfigured and the psyche will move forward into the new energy.  

For many earth years we have been discussing the power of thought and why it is important to have positive thoughts.  This has been a preparation for the coming energy change.  From the zero point forward, thoughts will become things at a faster pace.  Control of thought will become more important than ever.  Even today, with the old energy cycle, thoughts impact things.  It's a slower process and the impact can be greater or less.  In the future, the impact will be greater.  Things will be affected at a faster pace.  The power will be amplified.  The mind and matter will be in constant feedback.

People will view this almost as a nightmare because they are not used to the power of the mind having an immediate effect.  Today, the impact is slow but it is becoming more and more enhanced as the new energy pattern moves forward. People are seeing more of an impact with their thoughts.  This is to be expected as the old energy winds down and the influence of the new energy begins to take hold.

At the zero point the old energy pattern will be totally spent.  From that point the new energy will grow in strength.  Each day that passes, the power of the mind will grow stronger.  Old thoughts, negative thoughts, negative patterns will be amplified.  This, in and of itself, will destroy many people as the bad thoughts will manifest both physically and psychologically.  It will effect their health; it will effect the surrounding environment.  

People will perhaps have accidents.  People will develop fatal diseases.  People that do not alter their thought patterns will find that their negative thoughts will be instantaneously fulfilled.  This is why it's important to monitor your thoughts.  

Those that are entrenched, those that are so attached to the old form will be destroyed.  There's no compromise, there's no mediation, there's no solution but to change or be destroyed.  This is because the resonance of the old frequency will be canceled out by the new.  

As the new energy gains strength those people that do not adapt will be gone.  Those institutions, countries and forms that do not adapt will be destroyed.  

The power of the mind to instantly influence matter will eventually render a golden age.  There will be no want.  There will be no lack.  There will be no disease  The closest to perfection on the physical plane will be achieved.  

Unfortunately, that will only come to pass after the imperfections are removed.  This is a serious form.  This is a serious change.  The old way of doing things will no longer work.  An attempt to do so will lead to destruction.

It's like changing the voltage of a device.  Most of your appliances today are designed for one voltage or another voltage.  In America the voltage of course is 110 volts.  That is the standard voltage;  that is the standard operating power.  In other countries the standard operating power is double that, 220 volts.  

Trying to use one device in the wrong voltage will result in destruction.

So you can look upon the new energy cycle as the 110 volt reality being converted to the 220 volt reality.  New thoughts, new beliefs, new forms to accommodate the higher voltage must be created.  For attempting to run the 110 volt devices will result in destruction.  Whether these devices be thoughts, attitudes, beliefs.

You need to think upon these things.  Monitor your statements and thoughts and ask yourself when you make a statement or thought, would you like for that statement or thought to be instantly converted into reality?  If the answer is no, then you should not be having that thought or you should not be making that statement.

Words have power and always have. It's just now as the zero point is reached and the progress into the new energy cycle moves forward, the power will be increased to a god like level where instantaneous results take place.  

We hope that you ponder these things to see if you are ready for instantaneous response.  We discussed these things many years ago about being prepared and why it was necessary to change the thought patterns and the beliefs to clear from your system all negativity.  We hope now that you understand what was meant by our urgings for you to do so.  

With that we shall conclude at this point.  We hope to present additional information and clarification in the near future.

Our blessings upon you.  So be it.