Kathumi Speaks about 2012 - Dec. 21, 2012, Liberation of Spirit
October 4, 2012
Channeled by George

Dear children and beloved colleagues, it is I Kathumi

Tonight we would like to discuss some of the changes that will occur with the new energy cycle.  The old energy cycle that is winding down represents the concrete mind in its extreme form. The concrete mind tends to obscure the spiritual.  The concrete mind tends to have consciousness look down, rather than up.  The concrete mind imprisons the spirit.  

The new energy that will begin to manifest after the calendar December 21, 2012, is the beginning of the liberation of spirit. The concrete mind, the gate keeper will begin to break down.  As we have discussed this will not be an over night process.  However, when the zero point is reached the old form will have been spent and the forward momentum into the new energy will begin.

Those individuals who embrace and identify with their concrete mind will be shattered.  Individuals who can see beyond the concrete mind, who have the flexibility to embrace the spirit will be enriched and their consciousness expanded.  

As has been written in the past, the ancient philosophies of the mind creating reality, the new energy will bring this about at a more amplified pace.  The gate keeper of the concrete mind will crumble and people will begin to experience the greater consciousness that truly composes reality.  Thoughts will become things in the literal sense.  People will begin to experience what has been filtered out by the concrete mind.  

Spirits will make their presence known, energy will become a way of life and people will see that which they did not see before. The so called rending of the veil, the veil between the physical and the spiritual.  People will begin to see that the spiritual intermingles with the physical.  With the gatekeeper gone, the barriers to this perception will be gone.  It is necessary for people to prepare so that their conscious selves can benefit from this process.  

The true power of the spirit is within each individual.  This power originates from the source of creation of which every consciousness is a part.  The power that created the universe is within each consciousness.  This is a great power.  This is what people must understand and take responsibility.  This is there, and will be there for the next energy cycle.  

Prepare and be ready.  Remember your thoughts, each day will become more powerful whether the thoughts are negative thoughts or positive thoughts.  It doesn't matter to the energy.  The energy will amplify whatever is there.  Turmoil will be amplified; peace will be amplified.  Whatever the state of consciousness is, positive or negative, will be amplified. We hope that people will amplify positive rather than negative. People must prepare for this and remove the negative so that there's only the positive to be amplified.

In the near future we intend to present an overview to the general public as to why the energy cycle changes and what they need to do to prepare. Continue your work and know that each day your thoughts become more powerful.  Make them positive and make them count  

Our blessings upon you.  So be it.