Kathumi Speaks about 2012 - Reality Created by the Mind
September 28, 2012
Channeled by George

Dear children and beloved colleagues, it is I Kathumi,

Tonight we would like to discuss ways in which you shape your reality so that you can reshape it in the form that you desire.

Reality is created by the mind.  It is formed of attitudes, beliefs and habits.  Habits are patterns that are repeated over and over again. The day is formed in the night during the sleep cycle.  When you go to sleep, most people simply lay down and the day's events process, repatterning themselves. And the next day that is formed is a continuation of the previous day.

Your expectations are that one day will be similar to the next.  This provides continuity for your concrete mind but it is not necessarily in your best interest. Obviously, change breaks ups continuity.  And this change can be good or bad; it matters not.  

When you have a negative continuity, obviously change is a good thing. Yet the concrete mind resists this change for the sake of continuity; the habits that you have formed.  When you meditate, you need to program yourselves to break these habits.  These habits are reality.  Part of knowing is mastery. Overcoming these habits, changing the reality in the sleep cycle, so that it manifests.  

People spontaneously have this occur when their higher selves desire that a particular outcome that the person has been moving towards on the timeline should not take place.  For example, perhaps the person has an airline trip planned and a schedule booked.  And yet, the reality of that particular flight is for it to be destroyed along with the occupants of the plane.  The person will have a strong need to not take the particular flight.  If they heed this need, they will be spared.  If they ignore it, if they ignore their inner voice, then of course the disaster will take place even if it wasn't ordained for them to participate.  

This is where group reality can overshadow the individual reality in those sorts of circumstances.  It is similar to being in any disaster situation where a group of people precipitate the disaster and by ignoring your inner voice, you are part of the disaster when you could have avoided it.  

Right now, each time you go to sleep, there is no change of expectation.  There's no change that tomorrow will be any different from today.  There is the hope that it will be but there is no energy placed behind the change because the continuity is riding through the sleep cycle.  

For the concrete mind, change is difficult.  There is a resistance to change because it creates different variables; it breaks the continuity.  It matters not if the continuity is negative or positive.  When you have a negative continuity the concrete mind works to retain it and persists, even though it is not in the best interest of the entity.  

As time progresses, as we approach the zero point, thoughts and reconfiguring the next day in the sleep cycle will become more pronounced.  By creating the reality that you desire at all levels, you can change it and manifest it.  But when you have the expectation that the next day will be the same as the previous day, obviously the continuity will persist and the change will not take place.  

This is why you have difficulty knowing of good things because you've had many years of negative things that you have incorporated into your continuity line.  Oh yes, we hope for the best.  We hope that things will change but hope does not create the change.  It does not break the continuity.  Continuity is like a strong river flowing and diverting that river requires a great feat of engineering, a great deal of power, a great deal of energy.  

Obviously the psyche possesses this power to do so but the concrete mind resists.  The continuity overrides what is best for the entity.  You need to look at this within yourself.  We have discussed in the past how important the sleep cycle is and how you can restructure your reality so that the next day, more positive things will take place.  However, the expectation is not over riding the continuity at this point because at the concrete mind level, and at the emotional level, there's resistance to changing the flow of the river.

Many times it seems that this river is so large and so powerful that attempting to move it even an inch is overwhelming. What the concrete mind doesn't see is that this river is you.  You can change the course of this mighty river because the power of the creative force, the source of all creation is within you. The power of God is yours but it is not believed, it is not accepted, by the concrete mind.  

The continuity overrides even things that are in the best interest of the entity.  By being consciously aware of this, you can begin to make changes that will reroute this mighty river.  Look at this within yourself.  Ask yourself, when I go to bed, do I genuinely believe that tomorrow is going to be any different from the previous day?  Do I believe that the changes that I seek are going to manifest or do I simply hope that they will?  Do I hope that the things that I do will be successful or do I know that they will be successful?  Do I hope that tomorrow will be a better day or do I know that tomorrow will be a better day? These are critical distinctions.  

Words are power because the concrete mind relates to language even though words in and of themselves do not exist.  They have been assigned meanings and this is how the physical plane communicates. The meaning that you assign to these words is what manifests.  This is why, when you get into a group of people who are multilingual and cannot understand each others words, no matter what each says to the other, it has no impact.  

Oh, perhaps you can see by the gestures or the demeanor, you can make an assumption as to the meaning.  But the words themselves are meaningless, whether they are good words or bad words; they are meaningless.  And this is an important point to remember when the zero point is reached and moves forward from the zero point into the realm of the seventh ray.  The words and the intent will gain power.  

The continuity of consciousness, the great river, the great force within yourself, must be altered to achieve the goals that you seek.  You must ask yourself, do you believe that you are in control of this river or does the rapids and torrents of the river control you.  You must answer this question honestly in order to take charge of the situation.  

When you don't believe that things will work out, they will not.  When you don't believe that the power is within you to make the change or to move this mighty river because it seems so overwhelming, it will not.  It is important to look at your expectations.  Be genuine with yourself.  Do you truly believe that tomorrow will be any different from today?  That is the starting point for change to take place.  Does this river, this continuity of conscious, overwhelm you or are you a master of it? Do you control the river or does it control you?  

Obviously to change its course, you must control the river.  But you have to believe that you have the power to control this river.  Now in times past, people have looked upon external powers to validate their own power within, whether it be God or Jesus, or some other force.  This is how the individual gained the belief that they could move the mighty river of continuity in a different direction.  You have heard the term 'life changing'.  That means that the continuity of the river of flow has been changed; it's been altered, because it's the river of life .

..... ... without faith, the power to change the flow of continuity diminishes.  The river of continuity becomes stronger than you.  You must regain the river of continuity, you must become the master of it.  You must change your expectations and believe that tomorrow will be a positive, different day than the previous day...  No hopelessness because that is the converse of hope.  You have hope and you have hopelessness.  Neither one makes a change because there is no control in hope or hopelessness.  

Think upon these things.  Well shall have more to say for this is an important topic.  With this point we shall withdraw.  Our blessings upon you and we hope this message has been of some assistance. So be it.