Kathumi Speaks about 2012
September 27, 2012
Channeled by George

Dear children and beloved colleagues, it is I Kathumi.

Tonight we would like to continue our presentation on the change of the energy cycle.  As we have discussed, the old energy pattern is winding down.  Very soon it will reach the zero point.  At the zero, point it will stop; it will have ended.  It grows weaker by the day.  After the zero point is reached, the new pattern will begin to move forward and gain momentum.

We have to look at the consequences of this change.  It is a change that will affect everything; reality and consciousness. One of the characteristics is the reconfiguration of the planet.  The earth will respond to the new energy  by reconfiguring itself with a series of massive earthquakes and volcanic activity.  This will gain momentum as the zero point is reached and the new energy cycle begins to manifest.  

Also, as we have discussed, the old ways of doing things after the zero point is reached will cease to operate properly; they will not work.  Even now, as the old cycle wanes, the old ways of doing things are less and less effective each day.  As part of the changes, the old structures of the previous energy cycle will be impacted.  Mechanical things will break, things that used to work will cease to do so.  These will be environmental and concrete changes that are tied in with the frequency change.  Things that cannot change will be destroyed.  People who refuse to change will also be destroyed for they will have no effectiveness in the environment.  

There will be large groups of populations who turn to violence and destruction, ultimately resulting in their own destruction.  The earth will respond to these large population groups and swallow them up in earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions.  The earth will cleanse itself with the old cycle and prepare for the new. For the earth has been through these changes many times in the past each movement on a higher level of the spiral.  

These changes were discussed many years ago within the group and we had encouraged that a haven of safety be created which has not been done. As is typical of human consciousness, no one took it seriously or could see into the future. As they say, the time is neigh.  These changes will take place and although people are unprepared nonetheless it will happen for the greater consciousness exceeds the population.

You need to look within yourself to see how you can facilitate your changing into the new energy pattern.  The faster you do this the more effective you will be in structuring your environment to  be ready for the turmoil that will soon be upon humanity.  

In ten years, the planet will be vastly different from the way it is today.  Each day after the zero point will be different from the previous day.  The momentum will build and although from a human standpoint of earth years it will take a number of years, the change will be noticed almost immediately.  People who cannot; will not adapt, will cease to exist. Populations that refuse to adapt will be destroyed.  

Think upon these things.  It is your task to help people through this time of trial and tribulation, for the prophecies foretold in the Christian bible are in motion to take place.  It will not be the destruction of humanity as a whole, but parts of it.  And it is important to preserve the spiritual knowledge, and empower people, so that they will realize that they can overcome and adapt to the new energy cycle.  

Our blessings upon you.  Look within yourselves and let go of the past.  Let go of the old form, for by clinging to it, it will destroy you.  So be it.