Kathumi Speaks about 2012
September 25, 2012
Channeled by George

Dear children and beloved colleagues, it is I Kathumi.

Tonight we would like to stress that the rules of the physical plane are changing.  The shift to the new energy pattern changes the rules in terms of how the physical plane operates.  This is going to be frustrating to many people.  When the old rules; the old directions no longer work it will create great frustration and confusion.  By knowing the new patterns and the new rules, it will give you the means to manifest the changes that you need.

 As we stressed before, it is necessary for you to change your thinking to move away from the old pattern of thinking and embrace the new pattern.  This is not a difficult task if you approach it from a logical standpoint.  Use what you know about the upcoming energy pattern and simply adjust your thinking to apply to the new pattern.  Start incorporating the process and procedures that you know at the conscious mind level, work with that particular energy pattern.

 The time is approaching when this shift will take place.  It will not be an instantaneous shift.  At a certain point, a zero point if you will, the movement forward into the new energy pattern will begin.  The old energy pattern is winding down now.  Very soon it will reach its zero point.  When the zero point is reached, from that point on the new pattern will begin to strengthen.  It will not be an overnight process but as the new pattern begins to strengthen over time, more and more of the physical plane will be altered.  

People will become more confused because not only will their normal way of doing things be less effective as it is now, but after zero point is reached it will cease to work entirely.  Nothing  that was in place for thousands of years will work.  The new pattern will grow stronger over time.  So, there is still time for you to prepare your place if you embrace the new thinking patterns quickly and start working with them effectively.  For as the new pattern reaches the point where it starts to move forward after the zero point, the chaos among the worlds populations will grow stronger and stronger.

Having a place of refuge with the materials that are needed is a necessity to preserve the knowledge and to provide a foundation to teach people how to work with the new system.  This is something that will be needed because the old forms of the previous energy pattern will no longer be effective.  People will begin to have, what is currently classified as, paranormal experiences on a routine basis.  This is happening more now as the old pattern begins to wind down.  

When zero point is reached and the new pattern begins to gain strength this will become more and more pronounced.  People who are unprepared for this will be shattered by it, traumatized by it.  The ones, though, that have knowledge of what to expect will benefit from the expanded awareness.  This is an important aspect of your work here.  To provide the knowledge that people need in order to move through the transition and benefit from the change rather than being destroyed by it.  

Unfortunately there will be large groups of populations who refuse to change, who will become very destructive and self destructive when their old forms and patterns no longer work.  Organized religion will fall by the wayside because that is built on the old form, the form of a intermediary between the spiritual and the physical.  That intermediary will become useless; totally unnecessary as everyone's awareness expands.

 Embrace the new pattern; embrace the new thinking and you will find that you empower yourself in doing so.  You need to remove the old limited thinking that has interfered with your process and your success for numerous lifetimes but particularly in this one. It's a new opportunity for you.  The change in the cycle, the fresh start, will allow you to break many bad habits; many bad patterns.  These are things that are within yourself that you have been working to overcome.  Use the energy of the new cycle to help purge them from your system.  

Our blessings upon you, make yourself receptive in the sleep state for our guidance and instruction.  Program yourself as you enter each sleep cycle to make yourself receptive to our guidance and instruction and you will find more and more that our information will make it into your conscious activities.  

With that we shall withdraw for the evening.  Our blessings upon you.  Continue moving forward.  Embrace the new energy pattern.  So be it.