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The administrator of this site ask me to launch his new section called Reviews which will contain short commentaries about books, courses, people or events, containing material with life improving or life changing potential.

We like sharing our joy with others when something lifts our lives, so I accepted.

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1909 to 1994

On a hot summer day an eighty year old man, hiking with a group of younger guys, abruptly started  running up a steep hill, waving encouragement to the flagging younger ones who followed.  Waiting for them at the top, all smiles, not even breathing hard, he stood looking amused at their reactions - bending over gasping for breath.

What's most unusual is this eighty year-old, at the tender age of forty-two, came home from hospital to die. Lester Levenson decided he didn't want to die, and three months after his death sentence, he reached Realization, healed himself of all his many maladies and gaining Liberation became a real modern-day Master!

After Self Realization, Lester wanted others to share his feelings of joy and freedom every day.  To make this possible and easy, Lester developed the method he had used to carry himself to Liberation, into a system that in the seventies he christened: The Sedona Method.

I found Lester's system to have the rarest of qualities: the combining of directness with simplicity, as well as inclusiveness.  This method is just as powerful in clearing fears and anxieties, promoting better health and financial freedom, as it is for the seeker of Liberation.

The Abundance Course Book, put out by Larry Crane, encapsulates the method Lester developed for people to reach what ever life goals they choose.  It, also, holds true to Lester's motto of "keep it simple".

The Abundance Course  book - Changed My Life.




LOVE YOURSELF  and Let the Other Person Have it Your Way by Lawrence Crane from the teachings of Lester Levenson.

This book is another excellent example of Lester's teachings as evidenced not only by me, but by the many people who wrote their experiences, included in this book.

How many times have people, from various disciplines, urged you to like or love yourself more?  However, they don't tell you why it's such a necessity or how to accomplish it.  This book gives you those reasons, and leads you through the enjoyable methods to achieve Self Love.

Larry Crane's powerful exposition made this profound subject simple enough for anyone to achieve loving confidence.

To me, LOVE YOURSELF was like a second stage rocket booster for my travels along the Path.  

I  gave copies to  my daughter, son and husband, and I keep extra copies to give to friends who show interest.

THE SEDONA METHOD® book by Hale Dwoshin contains Lester's original beginning level course lessons plus updated material for the current century added by Hale.

This book is thorough and written in a soft gentle style, that reminds me of dancing Tai Chi.  I use this book as a reference for all things Lester.

Larry Crane and Hale Dwoshin's books may have different styles, but their contents are all Lester's method.  

If you ponder who and what you are, or what your purpose is for being on Earth  -  Lester's teachings can only help.

Good journey on the Path,
    Carolyn Stewart