A Glass of Tea, Anyone? - A Case of Materialization



The following series is a recounting of paranormal experiences I've had throughout my life.  I offer them to you, for the fun of reading a good ghost story.

I have never sought to "prove" them, and could care less about so called scientific proof.  To the experiencer, the event is proof enough!



 With wooden doors open and windows raised, we welcomed the warmth that spring evening in 1971.  We had quest for dinner and my niece, Jose, was staying over night.  A festive mood pervaded the house, music played, my husband, four year-old son and guests barbequed on the patio.

I noticed Jose hurrying from the quest room, then slowing as she neared me in the kitchen.

"Would you come into my room, for a minute," she asked hesitantly.

"Of course, just let me set this pan off the stove."

Inside her room I asked, "What's the matter?"

"Just listen."

We did.  It only took a few moments.  Pinging began on the glass of the window, even though no glass was exposed to the outside. A screen separated the glass windows from the outside.

I didn't know what was doing it, but my main concern was keeping the fourteen year old calm.  We, my family and I, were accustom to strange events, but this child wasn't.

"It's probably bugs."  I told her.  "I'll lower the inside window, that'll block the sound and then I'll check the outside for you."  I only did this to make her feel more secure.

I lowered the window then headed for the outside.  Jose dogged my heels.  Outside we found no bugs - just nothing around her window.

She gained enough confidence to go back to her room, and I went back to cooking.  Less than thirty minutes, she was back and her face was white.

"Come listen now."  She whispered to me.

This time there were bangs on the glass window.  How it kept from splintering, I do not know.

"Jose, come help me in the kitchen."

She did.  All settled down.  We ate, joked and had a pleasant time.

Jose and I were cleaning-up, both standing by the sink, when appeared head-high in front of us, a blue and white paper cup.  It casually curved around us and just as casually sank to the floor spilling not one drop of the liquid it contained that looked like iced tea.

We looked at each other.  

"Well," I said, not being able to think of any plausible explanation, there being no blue and white paper cups in the house and no tea. "Would you like some tea?"

She fled back to the quest room and closed the door.

She would have gone home right then, but her parents were out of town.  I sat up all night with her.  She left the next morning as soon as she found another relative to stay with.