The Need for the Spiritualist Circle - Part 2
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

channeled by George November 9, 2008


I bid you a good evening. Doyle here. Let us continue.

I cannot stress the importance of each circle participant being of positive mind for the work at hand.

Should a negative person participate, it is likely to prevent the Spiritual manifestation. Thus, it is important to choose your circle participants wisely.

When you have established the participants, it is important to set the mood with positive talk of Spiritual topics.

Setting the expectation for the Spiritual manifestation, this talk needs to lift the mood of the circle members, as well as allowing them to relax and detach themselves from the material world [with] unity of purpose to make contact with the Spiritual realms.

Now let us discuss the early or beginning stages of the circle. You likely will not have a medium to start. However, the purpose of the circle is to discover and nurture the latent medium.

Thus, you may not have results to begin with but by following the form on a regular basis, the one with mediumistic talent will eventually begin the task of mediumship.

So, we have our circle members selected for their positive outlook of a thirst for Spiritual knowledge. A medium is not necessarily present at this time but one will eventually appear, either by development or attraction of a new member. Trust that the Spirits will guide you.

After you have spent the preliminary time on positive Spiritual topics, it is time to begin the process.

First, let's discuss the environment of the room. Ideally, there should be a table around which everyone can sit. If this is not possible, the chairs should be in a circle.

Having fresh flowers of a wonderful aroma will help balance the atmosphere.... placing them in the center is best.

Next, the room temperature should be comfortable for the circle members need to be relaxed.

As for lighting, a dim light source is best. All distraction needs to be removed. We shall pause at this point.

I bid you a good evening.

To be continued.