The Need for the Spiritualist Circle
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

channeled by George November 8, 2008


I bid you a good evening. Doyle here.

The need for the resurgence of Spiritualism is great. For many years now, mankind has grown separated from the Spiritual Light. This has left a great void; an emptiness so profound that people are emotional and fearful.

Man truly does not live by bread alone; the access to the realm of the Spirit is the Spiritualist Circle.

For many years of my life, I drifted seeking to fill the void in my being. I felt that religion as I had been taught was missing the true essence of Spirituality. I was disillusioned and saddened by it. Yet, although my analytical mind could clearly process facts, I was lacking; my very being was hollow.

Friends invited me to attend a seance and in good fun, I went. Although undertaken in a lighthearted manner, things revealed themselves that captured my interests. I hardly could believe what had taken place but nonetheless, it had happened. This sent me on my quest to find what was happening.

My logical mind made the process of revelation a long one but when finally I was convinced, I embraced the Spirituality with all my being.

People wondered why I was so fervent but then, they were incapable of seeing the depths of analysis over many years that led to my conclusions. I felt that I had finally filled the emptiness of my being and thus, wanted to share this wonderful gift with the world.

Most people do not realize the powerful intellects that had traversed the same ground as myself and arrived at the same conclusions; life is eternal and we must strive to reach the Spirit from our temporary home on earth.

After I passed over, I immediately continued my work, this time from Spirit reaching out to those in the physical plane to show them the light.

In continuation of m work, this article is being written with the assistance of my close friend and fellow worker of the light.

One of the issues that is prevalent is the fear of Spirit. I am a spirit. I am as I was in life working to bring hope and Spiritual fulfillment to those on the physical plane.

Is there a need to fear me?

It must be pointed out that spirits exist whether people believe in them or not. Also, since spirits exits, why is there a need to be fearful?

With that in mind, I wish to discuss an important tool to aid in the task of benefiting from the Spiritual teachers - This is the Spiritualist Circle.

A circle is never-ending; things loop indefinitely. The purpose of the Spiritualist Circle is to allow energy to build to give the Spirits the necessary energy to manifest.

A circles can consist of two or more people. The more people the faster the energy can build. It is important that each member of the circle be of a positive, open mind.

Think of the circle as links in a chain. A negative person is a weak link and will inhibit the flow of energy; the circle will not be a circle. This is why some circles have powerful results and some do not.

Thus, it is important to only meet with positive people for the purpose of a Spiritualist Circle.

With that, we shall end for the evening.

To be continued.