One Reason for The Official Extra-Terrestrial Cover-Up
Telsa's Dream, an Extra-Terrestrial Reality

Every time the so called skeptics of extra-terrestrial visitation to this planet bring out their tired refrain that there are no extra-terrestrials because there is no physical evidence, I have to laugh.

There have been hundreds of thousands of witnesses to airborne alien craft and thousands with up close encounters of extra-terrestrials. Yet authority figures the world over deny that extra-terrestrials exist. Some outright, others with weasel words about how UFOs pose no threat to national security.

Witnesses are harassed into silence, physical evidence confiscated and witnesses who won't be silent are discredited. The ones who won't be silent and can't be discredited have been killed over the years.

Why such extreme measures to deny to the general population that extra-terrestrials exist?

Sadly, it is all about power and control. The individuals in authority realize that contact with an extra-terrestrial civilization would diminish their power.

On Earth, power is associated with resources. If you have a desirable resource, something that others want or need to live, you have power. You can dictate the terms of dispensing that resource. If you gauge it or price it, as the case may be, correctly, you can have an unlimited source of power. However, if you excessively restrict or overprice the resource, then people are likely to attempt to take it. So the resource controllers constantly work to get the most the market will bear without the consumers being compelled to take the resource.

This is the basis of power and control on Earth; resource control.

So what does this have to do with hiding the existence of extra-terrestrial civilizations?

It comes down to one word, ENERGY.

On Earth, dispensing energy is big business. If you add it all up, most of your income goes for electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane, etc. And gasoline. In over 100 years, there has not been one thing done to improve the efficiency of any fuel or electric consumption simply because they want you to use more, not less.

Most advanced extra-terrestrial civilizations have tapped into the universal energy stream or have a fuel system that is so efficient, there is no drain on resources whatsoever. For example, a number of extra-terrestrial space craft are powered by anti-matter engines that inject a single atom of hydrogen stripped of it's electron to produce vast amounts of power to travel though out the galaxy. Hydrogen is very common.(This is why there are reports of UFOs hovering over lakes)

For power more like Earth has for domestic use, a resonance device is used to tap into the planetary energy. This is the same energy that produces the massive power of lightening. The resonance device to run the typical Earth household would be about the size of a quarter. Plug it in and no more electric bill. Put it in an electric car, no more gasoline bill.

The extra-terrestrial civilizations, who do not operate on the money principle by the way, would gladly share what they consider basic technology such as the resonance device. I doubt that they would want to hand over the awesome power of the anti-matter engine but think of all the benefits the resonance device would have. It would improve everyone's life on the planet. Unlimited free electricity ANYWHERE in the world.

So, there are two big things right there, free electricity and, with electric cars free "electric gasoline", that authority figures would want to keep away from people. Sad isn't it.

Nikola Tesla worked his entire life in an attempt to get the resonance device to people. Of course, most people today don't have a clue as to who Tesla is.

Nikola Tesla created and implemented the AC power grid that is still used today over 100 years later with no modifications. He invented the radio, which Marconi falsely claimed. You hear about Marconi today as the inventor of the radio but not that Tesla went to court against Marconi and won. He invented florescent lighting and has over 1500 patents for various inventions.

For Tesla, the AC power grid was a temporary step to get electrical devices to people quickly. He then started working on the resonance device. However, he ran into a big problem. When his chief financial backer, J. P. Morgan, found out what the goal of the research was, he stopped funding and then spent the rest of his life sabotaging Tesla's work. His comment, "I can't put a meter on it!" Over a hundred years later, we are still connected to a meter controlled by an industry that has no interest in making anything better.

This is one reason why the existence of extra-terrestrials is denied; their technology would eliminate a large source of power.

For fascinating reading, I would suggest that you read about Nikola Tesla and his work.