Reincarnation Books


Soul Survivor

by Bruce Leininger

What would you do if your infant son started having screeming nightmares at two years old and then, when he could speak a few words, began saying things that he could not possibly know? His father started investigating what his son was saying and discovered a trail of facts that indicated his son was the reincarnation of a World War 2 pilot killed in combat. A book that is so fascinating, it is hard to put down.

Many Lives, Many Masters

by Brian Weiss

This book, by Dr. Brian Weiss, psychiatrist, shows his journey of discovery. From a traditional, straight laced psychiatrist to an individual who learned that reincarnation is real and that he himself had lived before. An interesting book.

Children's Past Lives

by Carol Bowman

Children Naturally remember past lives. Of course, adults discourage them and eventually, the memories fade; memories that would be of great value to the individual. Read about how Carol Bowman's son and daughter's past life experiences.  

We Are One Another

by Arthur Guirdham

An excellent book about a doctor, in treating his patient for unexplained physical trauma, discovers he had lived before as a Cathar.

Not available new but a must have book! Take the time to find it.

The Search for Bridey Murphy

by Morey Bernstein & William J. Baker

The classic book on reincarnation regression.
If you've ever wondered how the process is done, this classic book is what you need to read.

The Search for Grace

by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

A sad, documented story of reincarnation. How entites are karmically chained together by acts of violence. Powerful proof of the reality of reincarnation.




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