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Welcome to PATH to the SOURCE, a website of Paranormal Experiences and Spiritual Growth. The purpose is to provide information to help us understand where we are and where we need to go to return to the SOURCE of all creation. One does not have to believe in anything to benefit from the information. As with all information, only you can determine what is meaningful for you. If it challenges your beliefs and gets you to think, it will have served its purpose.
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Extra-Terrestrial Contact Experiences

Channeled Information and Topics Associated with the Process

E. T. Teachings and Philosophy

Missing Time Experiences - Hard to Believe Until It Happens to YOU!

Paranormal Experiences

Life Energy - It's Role in Health and Relationships

Alien Hybrids and Genetic Engineering

UFO Sightings & Related Topics

Reincarnation Experiences

Ghost Voice Recordings - Electronic Voice Phenomena


Unexplained Places and Phenomena

Articles by George -Psychic Medium

Spiritual/Paranormal Book and DVD Reviews

2012 - End of the World? George's Spiritual and Paranormal Blog


Ho' oponopono

To Create the Life YOU Want! Achieve


This multi disk program has the techniques of Ho' oponopono talked about in  Zero Limits by Dr. Joe Vitale. If you read the book, you know it's a powerful process. This progam is videos of a 2 day event held by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. If you've read the book and want more help in using this powerful process, this program presents if from the Master, Dr. Hew Len..


Don't Know What
Ho' oponopono
is? Read about it in this fascinating book!


 A Modern Day Case of Reincarnation
More Books on Reincarnation


The Awakening Course

How you can create your own
life filled with miracles

By Dr. Joe Vitale



 Use Binaural Beats to Tune Your Chakras
*Life Energy Centers

Need to Tune your Chakras? These special brain wave recordings really work! As I was using this one, I could feel a different chakra as the tone sequences changed. This is a great, inexpensive recording available for immediate download. Find out what Chakra tuning can do for you!



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